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You Were Born Rich…Expect Abundance

Posted by on January 7, 2015



Rich…what do you feel when you hear that word?  Some people immediately feel uncomfortable when they hear the word as they may have the belief that wanting to be “rich” is shallow, evil or perhaps something they’re not deserving of.


Even though this book’s title “You Were Born Rich” is not implying that you were born “financially” rich with a family inheritance and a silver spoon in your mouth or a huge bank account with your name on it…I wanted to share a side thought on the word “rich.”   Because ultimately, what Bob Proctor is sharing  still boils down to money, wealth, prosperity, abundance…whatever  word you’re comfortable with…and if we don’t understand and apply what he’s teaching,  then we may never realize the life we desire…and for most of us, that means more money.


I grew up as a child with the belief that we shouldn’t wish to be “rich” or strive to be “rich” because God didn’t want us to be rich…but to live a life of mediocrity and learn to “tighten your belt buckle and just be happy with what you have because the world is coming to an end” before I would reach adult-hood.  Yikes!  Well, that’s another story for another time!  lol.


You Were Born RIchAnyway, I was always grateful for what I had growing up, even though we didn’t have a lot…and I can tell you right now…I KNEW as a very young girl that I wanted more.  I used to play dress up and pretend I lived in a mansion, and imagine traveling the world to exotic, exciting places…and my favorite car was a Cadillac Fleetwood (you remember those big old tanks with the huge tail lights?)  Yep! Haha!  That was my dream car…and I couldn’t wait to grow up and have one of my own.


Well,  I never did get a Cadillac Fleetwood…but I did buy a used Cadillac Seville when I was 22 years old…and I’m happy to say I have since overcome some of the damage that that kind of lack mentality in my upbringing did to me…well, at least I think I overcame most of it.  I probably still have some work yet to do on myself, but don’t we all?   I don’t believe there is anything wrong with money…or desiring to be “rich”…after all, look at all the GOOD we can do for others once we have the extra money to do so.


You Were Born RIch

I believe that God wants us to enjoy all the riches and abundance in life…and be a blessing to others and that we shouldn’t “settle” for mediocrity.  So to me when someone asks how I feel about the word “rich”… I can honestly say I feel GREAT about it because to me it means the ability to help others, it means comfort, security and the ability to enjoy life to the fullest for myself and my loved ones.  I don’t believe we are on this planet to “just eek by.”


So anyway, I recently finished reading Bob Proctor’s book “You Were Born Rich” and really enjoyed it.  I’ve known about the book for many years, but just never got around to reading it. As luck would have it, I happened upon the book about two months ago when I was cleaning out my brother’s storage unit.  He had the book packed in a box with some other great reads (which are now in my collection), so I was anxious to take it home and dive in.


If you haven’t read it, I would encourage you to pick up a copy of the book and read it…in fact, download the free PDF version here right now.

You Were Born RIch













 There are 3 steps in the book that Bob covers on how to manifest what you desire into your life, and they are….


1.  Build the image of Prosperity in your mind.

2. Impress that image upon your subconscious mind.

3. EXPECT that it will happen for you.


You are an Image Maker

One of the chapters that I especially enjoyed was Chapter 3 “The Image Maker.”  In this chapter, Bob covers how we are all the “mental architect” of our own destiny.  Everything that was ever accomplished was at first nothing more than an image held in our mind.  If we build the image of prosperity and of the things we desire on the screen of our mind, and think about them often…and expect that they will happen for us…amazing things can begin to happen especially when we are prepared to receive the good that is coming.

One of the ways I enjoy focusing on prosperity and my desires is to use my Vision Board and watch my Mind Movie.  These are great tools that you should try as well because they help keep the visions and feelings of prosperity and your dreams alive and you begin to believe you can achieve those things.   Remember…


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe…it can achieve.”  

So do yourself a favor, and pick up the PDF download of this wonderful book…then kick back and enjoy Part I of Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich” Seminar below…



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Wishing you a prosperous and “rich” year,

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2 Responses to You Were Born Rich…Expect Abundance

  1. Felicia White

    Absolutely LOVE this post Ann! So funny that just today, I spent EXTRA time visualizing and holding that mental picture in my mind. I had the time, since one of our computers went on the kaput so while Brian was on mine, I immersed myself with a beautiful mind movie too. Also wild that we have yet another thing in common because I grew up with the same teachings from my parents and extended family. You’re right that we always have work to do on ourselves and changing our beliefs because we’re reprogramming YEARS of non serving teachings. However, like you I’ve come a long way and know how much good we can do when we have the resources to help monetarily as well as the belief that God wants us to enjoy all the pleasures, treasures, and beauty of this earth. Sorry, I’m writing a blog on your blog. Haha! Going now, excellent post my friend! 😉

    • Ann Schierling

      Awwww, thanks girlfriend!! So awesome you took the time to visualize today…I was listening to Paul Hutchings talk about that on this mornings TAGR call and I mentally reminded myself that I need to make the time to do that more often. Wow, thank goodness for computers going on the blink, right? HA! And who knew we had yet ANOTHER thing in common? lol. Yep, beliefs that don’t serve us can be very damaging and sure do take time and effort to erase. But it’s all worth it. And thank you for your beautiful, long comment! 🙂

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