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WordPress Visual Editor Not Working…Here’s The Easy Fix

Posted by on February 7, 2013



I just wanted to write a short blog to share a cool blogging tip with you.  If you recently upgraded your WordPress blog to version 3.5 or it has been automatically updated for you…and your visual editor button stopped functioning…I have the simple answer for you on how to get it up and working again.  As you probably figured out, you can’t easily blog without the visual editor.


I have a couple blogs that are income generating tools, and recently I experienced visual editor failure with this blog site.  One day I got on to write a blog…only to discover my visual editor button wasn’t clickable.  I searched support for an answer…but to no avail.  Every answer that was given was confusing and not very helpful.  So consequently, I didn’t post a blog on this site for quite a while.


Well…tonight I did what I should have done in the very beginning and I searched YouTube for the solution.  And I found a super easy solution!  If you’re having trouble figuring out how to get your visual editor working again…watch this short video that will save you tons of time and keep you from yanking all your hair out…like I almost did.   🙂



The code you will be adding to your C-Panel is a little difficult to see clearly on the video tutorial, so I’ve typed it out for you…


Copy and paste this code in the location as instructed in the video:  

define (‘CONCATENATE’, false);


So there you have it…your visual editor should be working properly again.  This video solved my problem in about 5 minutes.  I hope it saves you hours or days of searching for an answer…and gets your blog up and running again.


If this blog post was helpful, please share and comment below.



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To Your Successful Blogging,


Ann Schierling

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4 Responses to WordPress Visual Editor Not Working…Here’s The Easy Fix

  1. Brian and Felicia White

    Wow, we hadn’t noticed having this problem on ours just yet, but regardless this is EXCELLENT info to have on hand for future reference. This will help so many people. Thank you so much for delivering such valuable content and having a servant’s heart. You ROCK!

    • Ann Schierling

      My pleasure…I was just so glad to find an easy fix that worked. Hope you donk’t have any issues, but if you do you’ll know what to do. Yippee! 🙂

  2. Jeff

    Glad that fixed your issue but it doesn’t solve mine. After updating to the latest version of WordPress, I’ve lost access to the visual editor function on all of my sites – but only from the laptop I used to perform the upgrade – if I access the sites from another computer it’s working fine. Completely confused…. : (

    • Ann Schierling

      That is odd…I’m no computer geek, but I wonder if it has something to do with cookies on your laptop? Sounds like a question to ask WordPress. Hope you get it resolved, Jeff! 🙂

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