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Why “pully” people are better at prospecting than “pushy” people in MLM

Posted by on January 7, 2016


Why “pully” people are better at prospecting than “pushy” people in MLM



Well, what is the difference between a “pushy” and “pully” person…and why does one have an easier time recruiting and the other one not so much? 

We all know what a pushy person is…and I’m pretty sure we can agree that we don’t appreciate a pushy person trying to convince us to buy, join or do something that we have no interest in.  

But what is a pully person?  


Click on Ray Higdon’s photo to find out what a “pully” person is and how YOU can become good at prospecting and closing the sale.





Pushy Person:  This might be you if your idea of recruiting is to push your opportunity on others, whether they are interested or not…it’s all about the sale for you.

Pully Person:  A pully person is someone who takes interest in the other person and asks a prospect questions in order to find out what they want and need in order to eliminate a less-than-perfect situation in their life.  Asking questions allows you to PULL the prospect toward what they want…and perhaps that would be your opportunity.


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To your success at becoming a “pully” person,

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4 Responses to Why “pully” people are better at prospecting than “pushy” people in MLM

  1. Franklin McQuaid

    Hi Ann,
    very enjoyable blog about Pushy, Pully people in the industry! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Michelle

    You know Ann, I think every network marketer should read this blog. Pushy people make us feel like their agendas trump the needs of their potential prospects…which in turn gives them an incentive to push people into complying. This is what makes YOU such a leader in the industry! You understand people’s needs and genuinely want to help them achieve their goals! A concept that many network markers don’t fully grasp. Great and greatly needed words of wisdom! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Ann Schierling

      Thank you so much for the super nice compliment, Michelle! I truly appreciate you and your comments. Ray Higdon is such an inspiration and I enjoy following him and learning from him…and sharing with others like you. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, my friend!

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