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Why Every “No” Is A Stepping Stone To Success

Posted by on February 27, 2016












Having a prospect tell you NO is actually a positive thing…and you should be high-fiving every time you hear it.   I know, you probably think it’s nuts, but it’s true.

What is your “no” goal…how many no’s are you going for every day when prospecting?

Every “no” is a stepping stone to success and you should be going for as many as you can.  In network marketing, as you share your business opportunity with people, you will have people tell you no thanks…but the more you share, sift and sort through the prospects…the closer you get to someone saying YES.

And the same rule holds true for any type of sales, not just network marketing.


When you’re out there sharing your business and your products, you want to be going for the NO…instead of focusing on the yes.

When you focus on getting only a yes reply from someone, you’re actually creating a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure on yourself because you will be getting more no’s…it’s just a statistical fact.

Sales of any kind is a numbers game, so why not have fun playing the game and “go for the NO’s” instead.

Set a goal of getting 20 no’s a day or 150 no’s a week…whatever your specific number is…and every time someone tells you no, celebrate!  Why?  Because you are now one conversation closer to someone saying yes.

As they say…fail often so you can succeed sooner.  Look at those no replies as failing forward…and Go for NO.


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2 Responses to Why Every “No” Is A Stepping Stone To Success

  1. Brian and Felicia White

    Awesome video and post chocked full of trememdous value Ann! So true that going for no’s can be fun and rewarding. It not only is moving you closer to those yes’s but it’s also helps improve your relationship skills to be a better marketer. Practice means progress. You’re awesome! Rock on!

    • Ann Schierling

      Thank you Brian and Felicia for your comment. It can be discouraging for people who are new to sales when they hear the ‘no’ answer, but realizing that each no is a step closer to making a sale, it can help provide the needed motivation to keep pushing forward. And you’re so right, practice does mean progress. 😉

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