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What is TiDom? Here’s my Review.

Posted by on November 15, 2015

TiDom Time Freedom


I recently added an top tier program to my portfolio, and wanted to share a brief overview of what it is.

The company is TiDOM…and TiDOM stands for Time Freedom, something we all desire.

TiDOM is for people who are looking for 6-figure PROFIT potential in their first year in business…and it is very do-able.  TiDOM is a recession proof “work from anywhere” business that pays out the largest commissions in the home business/direct sales industry.



When you join our Unstoppable Alliance team (one of the TOP teams within TiDom), you’ll be in business FOR YOURSELF…but not BY YOURSELF.  We’re here to help YOU succeed, and that’s one thing that drew me to TiDOM. Great support, great training, great community and great people all helping each other.  You’ll be trained and mentored by 6- and 7-figure income earners on our team…something you won’t get elsewhere.




What is TiDom?


TiDOM is both an MLM alternative as well as a franchise alternative. This is a Top Tier Direct Sales global business that can be worked from anywhere you have access to the internet and a phone. Our business only requires 2-3 hours per day, 4-5 days per week to make a potential 6-figure annual income. Cold calling and/or chasing friends and family is not required.

Our team members come from a variety of professional backgrounds including doctors, attorneys, sales, management, MLMers, marketing and more. Our objective is to help you get into profit in your first 30-60 days and grow your business to $100,000+ within your first 12 months.  Again, very do-able with our turnkey system.


When you join our Unstoppable Alliance team,  you’ll receive all of the training, support and resources you’ll need to be massively successful including:


  • Professionally designed website system with lead capture pages, built in autoresponder with professional pre-written messages, and lead tracking.
  •  Proven Lead Generation strategies.
  •  Team Advertising CoOp.
  •  LIVE Business Overview and Team Training Calls.
  •  Member’s Only Training Website (updated weekly).
  •  24/7 Skype Support Chat Room.
  •  One-on-One Support & Mentoring from Industry Top Earners.
  •  800 # Voice Mail System
  •  Optional: Corporate team leaders close your sales for you.
  •  No monthly Admin Fees (you pay only once)
  •  Earn large commissions from $2,000 all the way up to $22,000 (imagine if you only brought in ONE person a month at the $2,000 level.  Would that change your finances?)


How you get paid:



CLICK HERE to hear testimonials…


So if you’re looking for Time & Financial Freedom in your life…this may be for you.  You have found the way to get there right here with TiDOM and our exclusive Unstoppable Alliance team.

Feel free to email me for more information at or call (541) 306-3191. I’m here to answer any questions…and help you make an informed decision.


* Income Disclaimer:  Everyone’s success will vary depending upon their own level of commitment and work ethic.


Watch the video now…and start creating your freedom in the next 24 hours.

I look forward to working with you…have a great week!

What is TiDom?

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