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VIDEO: 12-Year Old Kid Makes $12,000 With This System…If He Can, Why Not You?

Posted by on April 28, 2013
Gesse makes $12,000 in Empower Network


This is a wonderful story (a TRUE story) of a young boy who has made some incredible money from home recently using this System.  How much did young Gesse make?
Well…$12,000 in 4 months!
Okay, it’s time for an income disclaimer right up front.  Just because 12-year old Gesse made $12,000 using this system…does NOT guarantee that you will.  You could make more, or less, or nothing at all because it depends on how much effort you put into it.   Gesse (pronounced ‘Yessa’)  is 12 years old and goes to school all day and does homework for 2 hours every night.  And still, he made $12,000 using  this System.



As you’ll see in the video, Gesse was brought up on stage by David Wood to explain to the entire audience of over 5,000 affiliates that gathered in Chicago for the Get Money event, that he had earned $12,000 with our company (working it part-time) with the assistance of his dad.  His dad owns the account, as you have to be 18 to join Empower Network, but this young man is the one doing the marketing and generating the income.  Wow!   😀


Watch the video and see for yourself…




Wow, wasn’t that awesome?  I think it’s pretty cool that no matter how old (or young in Gesse’s case)…when you do the right things, you get results.






Again, Gesse is 12 years old, lives in Holland, goes to school full-time, has friends and likes to do things 12 year old’s do…


And STILL has time…or has made time to learn how to make money online with Empower Network in only 2-3 hours a day


See, Gesse didn’t even start with us until January 2013, and by the date of this photo, which was on April 20, 2013, Gesse stood on that stage and shared he had earned $12,000.


This system has removed all excuses.  This system has leveled the playing field.   I love being a part of this community…of this movement…and you will love it too when you see the power of it and join us.


If you want to make money from home, I have a feeling that eventually, you will decide…just like 120,000 other enlightened entrepreneurs that this is the one.


Take action, and lock arms with us today.  You are worth it and you can do it!

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I believe in you,

Ann Schierling

Ann Schierling




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P.S.  If you’re looking for a place to make “retirement-style” income from home, check us out.  There’s a reason why over 100,000 people have locked arms with us in the past year.  We are focused and dedicated to helping you succeed and have serious momentum in your business.


*Be sure to see the earnings statement at the bottom of every page of our website.



4 Responses to VIDEO: 12-Year Old Kid Makes $12,000 With This System…If He Can, Why Not You?

  1. Brian and Felicia White

    FREAKING AWESOME!!!! LOVE! Still in awe that we witnessed this for ourselves in person! What an EPIC moment! Such an incredible young lad! This should seriously remove ANY doubts of making money from home part time! If a 12 year old can do this, ANYONE can! Time to join the movement people…unless you enjoy staring out of a cubicle, busting your butt for ungrateful bosses, working with negative, gossiping fools and missing momentous family occasions. EN truly is the perfect vehicle for changing lives! Thanks for sharing this amazing story with the masses because they need to see it’s the REAL deal. They need to see there’s hope for anyone to live their dreams. You Rock Ann! 🙂

  2. Ann Schierling

    No kidding…I mean really, if a young boy can make money with this system, absolutely anyone can…you’re so right! Very cool you guys witnessed this in person. A truly amazing young lad indeed! 🙂

  3. Toni

    This was awesome Ann! I cannot believe this kid is making this income and still has time to be a kid. $800/hour is unreal! Such an inspiration!

    • Ann Schierling

      I know, right? It just goes to prove what a freaking POWERFUL system Empower Network is….it’s like nothing else out there. If a person just focuses and stays consistent…this type of income can be possible.

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