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This Is The Shortcut To Get Where You Want To Be

Posted by on January 13, 2012

Want to get paid while helping people lose weight?  Who doesn’t?  With the new year just beginning, losing weight and getting fit is one of the top goals and resolutions for many people…as well as improving their financial situation.  With ViSalus, you get the best of both worlds…the gratification of helping people get healthy AND creating a large residual income from home.  ViSalus pays its promoters to market and sell products and kits, and to promote the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge.  Get paid on your personal customers and on the sales of the ViSalus promoters on your team as you help other people build their businesses.   This is the shortcut to get where you want to be!

ViSalus provides plenty of support with sales tools and tons of online support.  The Vi-Net online system has plenty of marketing tools, images, hand-outs and presentation materials available.  You can keep up with your customers and distributor team, commissions and ViSalus products.

Every network marketing company claims to have the best compensation plan, the best product, record breaking growth and headed toward a billion dollars in revenue….yet none of these companies have:


  • a new 6-Figure Earner created every 36 hours
  • they don’t have 25 BMW’s given away every day (more than 1,500 have been awarded so far!)
  • don’t have 8 million pounds lost in under 2 years
  • not even close to 3,000% growth over 18 months
  • don’t have 80,000 people in their company…let alone 80,000 joining just last month.
  • and finally, none of them will be the first and ONLY product company to do ONE BILLION in revenue in a year without leaving North America…

…there is only one!  ViSalus!

Okay, I’ll admit I may be a bit biased…but I’ve been involved in several network marketing companies over the past 15+ years, and while some were wonderful, promoting health and vitality with ViSalus Body by Vi is close to my heart and I’m so grateful to have aligned myself with them and my wonderful Team.   The products are second to none…the shakes are great and the cookies are a no brainer!  LOL  There are OVER 85,000 people joining the challenge DAILY, taking their Before/After pictures and getting amazing results in 90 days or less.   The challenge isn’t just for those who want to lose weight…did you know 30% of the people on Body by Vi are fitness trainers?

But How do I make Money with ViSalus?

Watch this video to see Co-Founder Blake Mallen explain why the ViSalus compensation plan is so LUCRATIVE.

If you’re a detail-type of person and you want to view the document, CLICK HERE to see the exact comp plan as Blake described in the video.  Either way, you’ll quickly see how there are new 6-Figure Earners being created every 36 hours….

And BIG bonus checks like these given out every year…



Now it’s time to decide….are you a 1, 2 or 3?


join visalus

1.  Would just like to take the 90-Day Challenge and lose some weight – Click Here

2.  Join the 90-Day Challenge and Get Your Product For Free – Click Now

3.  Join the 90-Day Challenge and get PAID to promote it!  – Click Opportunity

Which ever one you choose, I look forward to working with you and help you meet your goals and dreams.


In Life, Health & Prosperity,

Ann  Schierling

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