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How to Attract Abundance…Free Download

CLICK HERE to get your copy of “Attract Money Now”   I love Joe Vitale and all the books, audios and videos he has created over the years on the Law of Attraction, and I have a few of his books, which I think are amazing. You may remember seeing him in “The Secret” movie … Continue reading »

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How To Create A Variety of Vision Boards

  I created my first vision board about 10 years ago…back before “The Secret” movie and book came out that showed us what a powerful manifesting tool vision boards can be. It was a lot of fun ripping pictures out of magazines and taking photos of events that I wanted to experience, places I wanted to go and material … Continue reading »

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20 Ways to Feel Better…and Change Your Physiology

  In order to draw the things that we desire into our lives, we need to monitor how we feel every single day…and our objective is to feel better every day. Sometimes feeling better or feeling positive isn’t easy, especially if we’re having a particularly bad day, but the good news is…we can change our … Continue reading »

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The Power Of Imagination…and Dreaming Big

  As I’m listening to an audio from one of my mentors speaking about the power of imagination and dreaming big and how important it is, I have to ask myself…   “Am I tapping into my imagination and dreaming as big as I could be?”   We need to tap into our imagination and our dreams … Continue reading »

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How To Manifest Your Desires With a Magical Creation Box

  If you believe in the Law of Attraction and you love collecting beautiful boxes, a magical creation box would be the perfect thing to add to your collection.   So, you might be asking yourself, what the heck is a Magical Creation Box and how does it work?   In the book “Ask and it … Continue reading »

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Getting What You Want: The Law Of Attraction

What are your thoughts on the Law of Attraction? I’ve been doing a lot of study on it the last couple years and I’m a firm believer. Whether we know about it, agree with it, or think about it…the Law of Attraction is busy at work in our lives every single day, all day long. … Continue reading »

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Visualize Your Dreams With This Cool Tool

  Visualization is a very powerful technique in turning your dreams into your reality. The experts tell us to visualize our goals and dreams, keep them constantly in front of us and stay focused on them. Forming a picture in your mind about things that you desire and focusing on them throughout the day may … Continue reading »

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