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Success Without Auto-Ship…Time To Do The Happy Dance

Posted by on January 31, 2015


Auto-ship is very common in most network marketing programs…and it can be a good thing if you want to grow a large retail base and have product on hand for new customers.


But many people are tired of auto-ship programs as they can get expensive and leave you stuck with a garage full of product you don’t know what to do with.


no auto ship












Reason #4 why you should join D$ Domination is going to make you do the happy dance…because D$D does NOT have an auto-ship program.


You will never have to buy and stock product inventory in your garage, your kitchen cabinets…any where in your house…ever again.  How awesome is that?



Join the thousands of happy people in D$D who are making money drop-shipping on eBay and Amazon…and NEVER having to take possession of any physical product or inventory…unless they choose to.


Reason #1 Why You Should Join D$ Domination

Reason #2 Why You Should Join D$ Domination

Reason #3 Why You Should Join D$ Domination


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 If you’re tired of paying for auto-ship every month…D$D is for you.


Watch the video to learn more.

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Have a wonderful day!

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2 Responses to Success Without Auto-Ship…Time To Do The Happy Dance

  1. Felicia White

    Excellent video and post Ann! The days of having left over inventory and high monthly auto ships are slowly fading, thankfully. There IS a better way! That’s just crazy that yours used to be 2,500/mo. WOWZERS! Happy for your success as well as so many others! 🙂

    • Ann Schierling

      Yes, thankfully there are more affiliate programs available to us these days that don’t require the auto ships. Yeah…my auto ship was out of control as each level I qualified for required a higher one…and that’s what ultimately killed my business. It sure was fun, though!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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