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Pure Profit Pro…What Are The Products?

Posted by on May 8, 2016


Pure Profit Pro is a very popular mid-ticket direct sales company that launched in April 2016…and already hundreds of people have joined and are making multiple sales per week and earning large commissions.


In addition to having a great compensation plan that pays 100% commissions, having quality products is also important when selecting a home business.


Pure Profit Pro has you covered there, because the products are a library of some of the most powerful and popular digital education products …such as Success Seminars, Audio Lectures and Personal Growth Books ever written and recorded by some of the most inspirational authors and orators of all time that are all accessible to you in your back office.


Just a click of your mouse and you’re on your way to improving yourself…and learning techniques to market your business and make more sales.

PPP Levels


As you can see in the image above, in addition to the cost of each level…there is a ONE-TIME admin fee that you will be required to pay at each level; however, there are NO monthly fees whatsoever, and NO monthly qualifications.  I love that!


Below are the digital products you get in the Pure Profit I package (24 videos):


zz 250 ppPure Profit I Products


  • List Building With Co-Registrations – 3 Videos
  • Internet Marketing In 1 Hour Per Day – 12 Videos
  • FaceBook Traffic Wave – 9 Videos
  • Personal Growth – Audio


In the Pure Profit II package, you receive 11 audios AND you also get ALL the digital products in the Pure Profit I package (24 videos):



Pure Profit II Products


  • Leadership Development – Audio Series
  • Productivity Mastership – Audio Series
  • The Law Of Attraction – Video Series
  • Personal Transformation – Audio Series
    • Prospecting Series:
  • CRS 1.0: Part 1 – Series Introduction
  • CRS 1.0: Part 2 – Confirmation and Closing Techniques
  • CRS 1.0: Part 3 – Tactical Closing Techniques
  • CRS 1.0: Part 4 – Mindset for Profit and Victory
  • CRS 1.0: Part 5 – Tactical Questions and Answers
  • CRS 1.0: Part 6 – Operational Training
  • CRS 1.0: Part 7 – Advanced Strategies
  • CRS 1.0: Part 8 – Organizing a Fronter Operation


Pure Profit III offers some of the best digital products around…and you also get ALL the products in Pure Profit I and Pure Profit II:




Pure Profit III Products


  • How To Master WordPress – 45 Videos
  • Webinar Commissions – 9 Videos
  • Podcast Blueprint – 11 Videos
  • HashTag Traffic – 9 Videos
  • 25 Traffic Methods – 2 Videos/3 Hours
  • Healthy Business Life – 10 Videos
  • Hire Your First Virtual Assistant – 3 Videos
  • Internet Marketing E-Course – 20 Videos
  • Internet Marketing E-Course – 6 Videos
  • Video Marketing Blueprint – 7 Videos
  • Video Marketing Excellence – 7 Videos
  • Turbo Video Profits – 12 Videos
  • Smart Video Sales Letters – 9 Videos
  • The Ultimate List Building Guide – 12 Videos
  • Sales Funnel Blueprint – 8 Videos
  • YouTube Bully – 8 Videos
  • Social Media Control – 7 Videos
  • Email Copy That Sells – 10 Videos
  • Instant Traffic With Bing Ads – 4Videos
  • Facebook Traffic Revised – 9 Videos
  • List Building Success – 10 Videos
  • YouTube Video Editor – 8 Videos
  • Mastering Facebook – 5 Videos
  • Google AdWords – 9 Videos
  • Email Copy That Converts – 10 Videos
  • How To Use Fancy Affiliate – 4 Videos
  • IM Business Models – 10 Videos
  • Smart Funnel Blueprint – 9 Videos
  • Alternative Authority Content – 13 Videos
  • Entrepreneurial Success – 10 Videos
  • Instant Traffic  – 3 Videos
  • Making Money On Warrior Forums – 5 Videos


So, wow…how’s that for value?   Not only do you get the marketing rights for each and every one of these digital products, they are yours for life.


You can watch and listen to them right from your PPP backoffice…but you can also download them onto your computer and keep them forever.


Digital information is a multi billion dollar industry, so you know you are buying into a company with vision for the future.


Watch this short 13-minute video now that explains how you can start making large 100% commissions with PPP today.



I’m here to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to reach out to me…and don’t forget to ask about my BONUS when you join me and my team.


I look forward to working with you,

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Why People Are Choosing Pure Profit Pro

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