Pure Profit Pro…What Are The Products?


Pure Profit Pro is a very popular mid-ticket direct sales company that launched in April 2016…and already hundreds of people have joined and are making multiple sales per week and earning large commissions.


In addition to having a great compensation plan that pays 100% commissions, having quality products is also important when selecting a home business.


Pure Profit Pro has you covered there, because the products are a library of some of the most powerful and popular digital education products …such as Success Seminars, Audio Lectures and Personal Growth Books ever written and recorded by some of the most inspirational authors and orators of all time that are all accessible to you in your back office.


Just a click of your mouse and you’re on your way to improving yourself…and learning techniques to market your business and make more sales.

PPP Levels


As you can see in the image above, in addition to the cost of each level…there is a ONE-TIME admin fee that you will be required to pay at each level; however, there are NO monthly fees whatsoever, and NO monthly qualifications.  I love that!


Below are the digital products you get in the Pure Profit I package (24 videos):


zz 250 ppPure Profit I Products


  • List Building With Co-Registrations – 3 Videos
  • Internet Marketing In 1 Hour Per Day – 12 Videos
  • FaceBook Traffic Wave – 9 Videos
  • Personal Growth – Audio


In the Pure Profit II package, you receive 11 audios AND you also get ALL the digital products in the Pure Profit I package (24 videos):



Pure Profit II Products


  • Leadership Development – Audio Series
  • Productivity Mastership – Audio Series
  • The Law Of Attraction – Video Series
  • Personal Transformation – Audio Series
    • Prospecting Series:
  • CRS 1.0: Part 1 – Series Introduction
  • CRS 1.0: Part 2 – Confirmation and Closing Techniques
  • CRS 1.0: Part 3 – Tactical Closing Techniques
  • CRS 1.0: Part 4 – Mindset for Profit and Victory
  • CRS 1.0: Part 5 – Tactical Questions and Answers
  • CRS 1.0: Part 6 – Operational Training
  • CRS 1.0: Part 7 – Advanced Strategies
  • CRS 1.0: Part 8 – Organizing a Fronter Operation


Pure Profit III offers some of the best digital products around…and you also get ALL the products in Pure Profit I and Pure Profit II:




Pure Profit III Products


  • How To Master WordPress – 45 Videos
  • Webinar Commissions – 9 Videos
  • Podcast Blueprint – 11 Videos
  • HashTag Traffic – 9 Videos
  • 25 Traffic Methods – 2 Videos/3 Hours
  • Healthy Business Life – 10 Videos
  • Hire Your First Virtual Assistant – 3 Videos
  • Internet Marketing E-Course – 20 Videos
  • Internet Marketing E-Course – 6 Videos
  • Video Marketing Blueprint – 7 Videos
  • Video Marketing Excellence – 7 Videos
  • Turbo Video Profits – 12 Videos
  • Smart Video Sales Letters – 9 Videos
  • The Ultimate List Building Guide – 12 Videos
  • Sales Funnel Blueprint – 8 Videos
  • YouTube Bully – 8 Videos
  • Social Media Control – 7 Videos
  • Email Copy That Sells – 10 Videos
  • Instant Traffic With Bing Ads – 4Videos
  • Facebook Traffic Revised – 9 Videos
  • List Building Success – 10 Videos
  • YouTube Video Editor – 8 Videos
  • Mastering Facebook – 5 Videos
  • Google AdWords – 9 Videos
  • Email Copy That Converts – 10 Videos
  • How To Use Fancy Affiliate – 4 Videos
  • IM Business Models – 10 Videos
  • Smart Funnel Blueprint – 9 Videos
  • Alternative Authority Content – 13 Videos
  • Entrepreneurial Success – 10 Videos
  • Instant Traffic  – 3 Videos
  • Making Money On Warrior Forums – 5 Videos


So, wow…how’s that for value?   Not only do you get the marketing rights for each and every one of these digital products, they are yours for life.


You can watch and listen to them right from your PPP backoffice…but you can also download them onto your computer and keep them forever.


Digital information is a multi billion dollar industry, so you know you are buying into a company with vision for the future.


Watch this short 13-minute video now that explains how you can start making large 100% commissions with PPP today.



I’m here to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to reach out to me…and don’t forget to ask about my BONUS when you join me and my team.


I look forward to working with you,

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Why People Are Choosing Pure Profit Pro

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Pure Profit Pro Review


If you love the idea of big ticket commissions, but can’t swing the start up cost…then you will be excited to know that TiDom (the big ticket leader) just introduced their sister company Pure Profit Pro early this month…now making it affordable for anyone to get started earning large daily commissions.

Hundreds of people have joined PPP since it was quietly released this month…and having $250 $500 and $1,000 days.  Really, it is a very simple program…easy to start, easy to share…and so fun to get those daily, weekly and monthly 100% commissions.


Pure Profit Pro





Pure Profit Pro is a mid-ticket company and dovetails beautifully into TiDom (big-ticket company), if you choose to upgrade (which is completely optional). The average cost to start almost any network marketing business is around $200-$495 (which usually includes some product inventory), so Pure Profit Pro is priced perfectly at only $250 to start (and there are two other higher levels you can start at, if you choose to earn even larger daily commissions).

With Pure Profit Pro…there is NO inventory…there is NO monthly fees…there is NO monthly qualifying.   Just your one-time start up cost and a small one-time admin fee which covers your website, capture page, auto responder and gives you the marketing rights to sell the digital information packages to others and make a very tidy commission.


Pure Profit Pro is a great program and is simple, duplicable and very easy to share with others and create some great income from home.

This may be exactly what you’ve been looking for to either supplement your income…or create a full-time income from home.  I mean, imagine what even ONE $250 sale per week would do for your income…or $500 a week or even $1,000 a week.  It’s VERY doable and we’re doing it right now.

Pure Profit Pro Products

Don’t be shy…take a look at PPP and see if it’s a fit for you.  You’ll be joining our TFMA team and will have support from me and the entire team to ensure your success.

CLICK HERE to watch the short 13-minute video that explains ALL…and how you can start making some fun daily cash today.


We look forward to working with you,

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Why “Pully” People are better at closing the sale…Check it out.


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How to Recruit More People…7 Easy Steps

How to Recruit More People...7 Easy Steps

How to Recruit More People…7 Easy Steps

How to Recruit More People…7 Easy Steps


Network Marketers are always looking for ways to recruit more people…and while there are many methods that work, I think these 7 steps are not only a simple road map, but also are proven methods from 7-figure income earner, Ray Higdon, who used these very steps to build a million-dollar business a couple years ago.

7 steps for recruiting more people….


  •  Raise Curiosity – When you’re out prospecting, whether it’s cold market or warm market, ask your prospect “would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?”  See, most people are looking for a way to make additional income from home and will be open to looking, especially if it doesn’t interfere with what they may already have going on.
  • Ask Questions – If the prospect says YES they would be interested in a side project  (looking at your biz opp), ask them, “So hey, I’m just curious…WHY would you be open, what’s going on in your life that has you open to look for something?”   Asking that question not only helps to build a little rapport, but also gives you a clue as to what they are looking for.
  • Point and Schedule – Point them to your webinar, conference call, website, etc. and then schedule a follow-up call (don’t forget this point…many marketers do).  Ask your prospect,  “Joe, how soon can you go to the website, etc. ?”  If they stall and say something like I don’t know…maybe tomorrow or next week…say “Hey, I appreciate that, but I’m really busy and have other people scheduled who are interested, but if you can do it by 3:00 today, I’m free for about 1/2 hour and will have some time available for you.”   Doing this puts a little pressure on them to take a look at your information sooner than later….because the later they look, the more likely they are to forget all about it.  Strike while the iron is HOT.
  • Check Their Level of Seriousness – Ask them “Joe, are you a person of your word?  I’m a person of my word and do what I say I will do.  Will you commit to going to my website and watching the video at the time you said?”   Asking if they are a person of their word puts a little guilt trip on them and they will most often follow through.
  • Follow-Up – Call the prospect back at the determined time and say “Hey Joe, did you go to the website (listen to the conference call, etc.)?”  If they didn’t, then say, “Look, if it’s okay with you, I’m pretty booked up here with other prospects who DID look at my website and are interested in learning more, so when you have time to take a look at my website, give me a call, okay?”   This is doing the “take away” which is super powerful because people do not like having things taken away from them for fear of loss…and will probably change their tune and look at your deal sooner.
  • Make the Close – If your prospect did look at your biz opp say, “Just curious, what did you like BEST about what you saw/heard?”  Then let them talk and agree with what they say.  Prospect: “Oh, I liked the fact that I can make 100% commissions best.”   You say: “Yes, me too…that’s my favorite thing about this business as well.”  Asking them what they like best kind of seals the deal because they are agreeing that they LIKED what they saw/heard.
  •  Enroll Them – Now do a 3-way call with your upline or close them yourself…but CLOSE the deal now while they’re hot.


Use these 7 steps the next time you’re out there prospecting and I bet you’ll get some amazing results.


If you enjoyed this post, please shoot me an email and let me know…or comment below.


To Your Success,

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Earn Daily 100% Commissions Like We Do…it’s simple…and fun


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Why Every “No” Is A Stepping Stone To Success












Having a prospect tell you NO is actually a positive thing…and you should be high-fiving every time you hear it.   I know, you probably think it’s nuts, but it’s true.

What is your “no” goal…how many no’s are you going for every day when prospecting?

Every “no” is a stepping stone to success and you should be going for as many as you can.  In network marketing, as you share your business opportunity with people, you will have people tell you no thanks…but the more you share, sift and sort through the prospects…the closer you get to someone saying YES.

And the same rule holds true for any type of sales, not just network marketing.


When you’re out there sharing your business and your products, you want to be going for the NO…instead of focusing on the yes.

When you focus on getting only a yes reply from someone, you’re actually creating a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure on yourself because you will be getting more no’s…it’s just a statistical fact.

Sales of any kind is a numbers game, so why not have fun playing the game and “go for the NO’s” instead.

Set a goal of getting 20 no’s a day or 150 no’s a week…whatever your specific number is…and every time someone tells you no, celebrate!  Why?  Because you are now one conversation closer to someone saying yes.

As they say…fail often so you can succeed sooner.  Look at those no replies as failing forward…and Go for NO.


CLICK to see how Ray Higdon went for NO…and created millions.

CLICK for awesome training on Go For No!


If you received some value from this blog and video, please feel free to comment below and share with others.

To your success,

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Are you ASKING for what you want?  You should…read why.


Are you ready to earn BIG TICKET commissions?

Find out how we’re doing it…click the button below now.


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Asking For What You Want


Asking ain’t getting…




But sometimes asking IS getting.  🙂


Ah, yes…that famous line from “Gone with the Wind”…my favorite movie of all time.  Do you remember that line?  


It was after the Civil War, and Pork (the house servant) rushes in to tell Scarlett O’Hara that the carpetbaggers have raised the taxes to $300 on Tara (their plantation) and most people in the South, of course, were now flat broke and didn’t have the money to pay the taxes, so the carpetbaggers swept in and took hold of all the plantations and homes.  Scarlett was distressed to hear about the $300 tax and thought for a moment, then told Pork…that she’d have to speak with Ashley Wilkes (the once wealthy owner of the plantation Twelve Oaks) about getting that money.  Pork looked at Scarlett like she had just lost her mind, and said “Oh, he ain’t got no $300.”  Scarlett flashed Pork her famous look with one eyebrow raised and said “Well, I can ask, can’t I??” and stormed out of the shack with Pork looking on and shaking his head and muttering to himself, “Asking ain’t getting.” 


LOL…what a great line!  😀 


Pork was obviously not a big believer in asking for something that you need or want and believing you can get it…but sometimes Asking IS getting.


One of the many valuable lessons that my older brother, Larry, taught me many years ago…is if you don’t ask…you don’t get. 

 If there is something that you want or need, or wish you had help with…don’t hesitate to ask someone.   Whether it’s help with marketing for your home business, a request for a discount on an item you want to purchase…or anything else even if it’s unrelated to business.  ASK.


I have found that people will usually give you what you want, or at least meet you half way…but you need to ASK first, otherwise you won’t get it.  You’ll find that many people are very accommodating and want to help out, but often times we’re so stuck with the belief that they won’t do what it is we wish, so we convince ourselves it’s useless…and we don’t ask.  Big mistake.

Good things happen to those who ask…so don’t be afraid to ASK for what you want or need.  Make it a habit to always ask (nicely of course) and you just may find that “Asking IS getting.”


 Now I’ll ASK you a question…how would you like to earn $5,000 – $10,000+ a month from home with people who will teach, coach and train you every step of the way?  CLICK HERE if your answer is yes.

If you got some value from this blog and video, please feel free to comment below and share with others.


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Why “Pully” People Recruit more than “Pushy” People



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How To Make Your iPhone6 Videos Play in HD on Facebook









I stumbled upon a way to make my iPhone6 videos play crystal clear after they are loaded on Facebook.  I am a fairly recent iPhone owner and was amazed at how clear the videos look when watched on the phone…but, when I posted them to Facebook I was pretty disappointed in the quality.   They looked kind of fuzzy and not crisp and clear at all.

Have you ever noticed that?

You may be a seasoned iPhone user and already know the trick to posting clear videos, but I didn’t…until now.  I just figured out a little trick how to make them play in HD and they are crystal clear now.  Why didn’t I know about this sooner? LOL  😀

Here’s How To Have Your iPhone6 Videos Play in HD on Facebook:


After your vid is loaded on Facebook, left-click on the “settings” icon (see picture below). It will open a page where you can select your video quality on HD. Once you do that, ALL the vids you’ve posted in the past on Facebook (that were once fuzzy) using your iPhone6 will now place in HD automatically. Some of you probably knew this already, but I didn’t and was wondering why the quality looked so poor.

Voila!  No more fuzzy videos!  🙂




If this little tip helped you, please comment below and share with others.



Here’s to posting crystal clear videos,

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How these people create 6-figure months

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100% Commissions…#2 Reason Why People Join TiDom



One of the things that makes TiDom a great business is the large 100% commissions that we earn each time a new affiliate joins our team.

If you’re a seasoned network marketer and been around the block a few times, you know that not all companies pay 100% and so when you find one that does…and the product, the company and the leadership are top notch…well, then you know you’ve landed on a goldmine.

Yep, TiDom is a goldmine.


There are at least 10 reasons why TiDom is a great business…here’s reason #2 in my countdown series.


Many people are earning 6-figures a month here in TiDom (and yes, there are 7-figure income earners here also) because of the generous compensation plan and the large 100% commissions.  You don’t need to recruit an army to make a great income here, and there is no reason why you can’t be very successful here as well…as long as you’re teachable and do the necessary work required  (see income disclaimer below).

With our turnkey and duplicatible system, you will be shown and trained how to bring in those large commissions over and over again…from $2,000 all the way up to $22,000 per transaction.  Think about it…how would even ONE $2,000 transaction a week change your lifestyle? Imagine $3,500 a week or $6,500 a week…or even $12,500 a week?  You don’t need to recruit thousands of team members here in top tier to make the large incomes that people are making…if you only had ONE transaction per week it could make a huge difference in your finances.

TiDom is a proven, simple system that is changing lives every day…and when you join me on the Unstoppable Alliance team, you will be virtually “taken by the hand” and shown exactly what to do and how to do it to achieve the success you’re looking for.

Our team offers 15 LIVE training events 6-days a week to help you succeed…so there’s really no reason not to be successful here…unless you just don’t do anything.  Really, it’s that simple.

Come on in and join us…and get the training, support and coaching that you deserve and make this year your best ever.


How you get paid…check out the compensation plan here.


*Income Disclaimer: The potential for BIG daily, weekly and monthly income is very real here and is happening daily in TiDom, but is in no way a guarantee of your income.


Top 10 Countdown – Here are some of the other reasons why TiDom is a great business:


#1 Reason Why TiDom Rocks


Wishing you a great week,

What is TiDom?

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The Power of Focus (Audio) – CLICK HERE



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10 Reasons Why TiDom and Top Tier Rock…Reason #1 (Big Commissions)


10 Reasons Why TiDom and Top Tier Rock…Reason #1

One of the top reasons why TiDom and Top Tier business rocks and is a favorite for so many people and one of the top reasons why they join TiDom…it’s the BIG commissions.

Unlike traditional network marketing and affiliate marketing businesses where the commissions are typically $25, $50, $100 or more when you bring in a new member (which is GREAT…I love network marketing!)…the income you can earn in top tier, and specifically with TiDom, is nothing short of astonishing.

We have multiple members earning 5-and 6-figure incomes per month in this top tier business…and there’s no reason why you can’t be one of them when you follow the blue print (*see income disclaimer below).

With our turnkey and duplicatible system, you will be shown and coached how to bring in those large commissions over and over again…from $2,000 all the way up to $22,000 per transaction.


Let me ask you…how would your life change if you made even ONE sale at the $2,000 level a week?  That would change most people’s finances in a very positive way.

Now, sit back and close your eyes…and imagine making a $22,000 commission.  Wow.  How would that feel?  Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s very doable and members are achieving that type of income and MUCH more every single week.  This is not hype, but fact.

TiDom is a proven system and is changing lives every day. Let us show you what we’re talking about…CLICK HERE


*Income Disclaimer: The potential for BIG daily, weekly and monthly income is very real and is happening daily in TiDom, but is in no way a guarantee of your income as we don’t know your work ethic.  But if you’re coachable, there is no reason why you can’t expect the same results. 🙂  CLICK HERE to see testimonials from members.


To your success…and have an awesome week!

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How to Create Your Daily Method of Operation…Tips from a 7-Figure Income Earner


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