How To Stop Related YouTube Videos From Showing After Yours…




When you’re posting your video in your capture page or blog to promote your website, the last thing you want is to promote someone else’s website that is similar to yours…and have your prospect join someone else who is promoting the same business.


YouTube will show relevant videos at the end of yours that your prospects can click on and watch…such as your competitors…unless you do this simple thing to turn it off.


Watch my video below…



(You can also watch the video here on YouTube…CLICK HERE.)


Wasn’t that easy?   Now when people watch your video on your capture page or website, it won’t show your competitor’s videos…and they won’t be tempted to click on them and possibly join with someone else…they will most likely join YOU.



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How to Get Your Website Found on Google…Video Tutorial

How to get your website found on Google








Learn how to get your website and blog posts and videos to appear on Google…with a few simple steps.


When people search for you on Google, does your site show up?


Watch my short video below to learn how to get your links, website, blog posts, videos…or anything site you have…seen on Google.




Wasn’t that easy?


You can go back to all your old posts and follow this simple procedure…and get more eyes on your sites today.



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What separates successful people from others?  Check this out…6 Characteristics of Successful People


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6 Characteristics of Successful People…

successful people


Why do some people seem to easily achieve success, while others just dream of having a better life? Are people born with some sort of “top achiever gene,” or can you learn to be a top achiever?


I believe that anyone can accomplish what they desire in life….and by learning what the characteristics of top achievers are…we can begin to change our thinking, the way we respond to things and start seeing success come easier.


It’s said that passion and perseverance may be more important to success than talent or intelligence. What do you think? I think that’s a very fair statement…and I believe top achievers know that you have to have passion in what you’re doing because it’s the fuel that keeps you going when challenges appear….and they will appear.   Successful people know that you must persevere no matter what set backs come along because that’s just part of the package.


Characteristics of Successful People…


One thing people just starting out in business need to understand…is  you need to let rejection roll off you like water off a duck’s back. We need to “toughen up” and not allow ourselves to be offended by what others think of us or of the opportunity we’re promoting…and we need to not take it personal when a prospect tells us no.   Read more about why “no” is a stepping stone to success.  This is just one of the characteristics of top achievers in any industry. They don’t allow anyone’s opinion to kick them off their path.


Here are a few people with indestructible personalities and who have characteristics of top achievers:




John Gresham, an American lawyer, politician, and author, best known for his popular legal thrillers…once wrote a novel “A Time To Kill” and was turned down 25 times in an attempt to get it published.

But he refused to give up and now this novel and countless others are best sellers and many have been made into movies.









Dr. Seuss was rejected 29 times with his attempt to get “The Cat in the Hat” published and barely made it on the 30th time.









J.K. Rowling wrote the popular “Harry Potter” novel, but was refused by the first 8 publishers. Finally the 9th publisher took a chance and published her book, although they warned her she would NEVER make a dime and should get used to it. Wow…it’s a good thing she didn’t listen to them, right? 😀




These amazing people are just a few of the top achievers out there who never gave up…never threw in the towel and refused to say “uncle” even when they probably felt like saying the hell with it!


There is only one difference between the underachiever and the achiever:  the underachiever quits…and the achiever completes.


6 Characteristics of Successful People:


1.   Indestructible personality:   They will not be crushed, stopped or denied and refuse to give up. They will keep pushing ahead no matter what.

2.   Unshakable belief:  In themselves and their abilities. They won’t allow dream stealers or naysayers to shake their belief in their goals and dreams.

3.   Unrelenting courage:  They refuse to quit and will never cower even when faced with setbacks and challenges. They have the guts to keep going because they believe in their dream.

4.   Daily Method of Operation:  They make a list of top priority income producing activities that must be done each day…and they do them before any other task.

5.   Possess a positive attitude:   No matter what challenges they may face, successful people always have a positive “I can do it” attitude.

6.   They are not lone wolves:  Successful people are involved in team support and give support to their team. Remember, when you give of yourself and your talents, you also receive and that is one great reason to be part of a support team.  Everyone wins!



If you feel you need a little push to find the motivation to do what successful people do to get the results you want in your business, you can either pay this little guy $1.00 for a swift kick…or just take action.


Haha!  Okay, all kidding aside, you probably don’t need a swift kick in the hiney…just take consistent action every day, read positive books and hang with people who will help you get the results you’re looking for.


You can do it! 🙂





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Have a great week!

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How To Make Your YouTube Video Autoplay In Your Capture Page


So, you started a home business and you have a capture page that you want to add your personal video to.  Cool.


First off, I believe you want to personalize your capture page (or landing page, squeeze page, etc.) with your own video so people can hear YOU talk and get a feel for who YOU are…before they look at your website.  And I think this is especially important when you have a company replicated website.  Your personal video will help YOU stand out from all the others.

how to make youtube videos autoplay








This “how to” video will show you how to embed your YouTube video into your capture page…AND I’ll show you how to fix the embed video link with a special super-duper code…so that your video will automatically play and your prospect won’t have to hit the “start” button.


It’s all about making your prospect’s journey of visiting your website as simple as possible, right?


Yep!  Okay, so here we go…


Watch the Video Below to learn “How To Make Your YouTube Video Autoplay In Your Capture Page…”




Put this code in AFTER the URL ?      autoplay=1;


Example of finished “autoplay” link:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”;rel=0&amp;controls=0&amp;showinfo=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Voila!  How easy was that?  Told you it was super simple.  😉



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6 Ways To Recharge Your Creative Battery…So You Can Focus On Your Business


Do you ever have days where you feel mentally drained…and struggle to focus on your business?  Oh, yeah…it happens to the best of us, doesn’t it?  We sit down at our desk to do some marketing or write a blog or put together some content for a video…

…and our mind goes BLANK.

Can you relate?  I bet you can.  LOL.

That just means you need to recharge your battery.

recharge your battery and focus on your business










Making time in your busy day to step away and chill for a while is one of the best things you can do to recharge your battery…and come back refreshed and focused and feeling creative again.

Take time out each day…say a half hour or so…or take an entire day off if you feel you need to…and go do something fun that makes you feel good and energizes you.


Definition of Recharging your battery:    

“To rest and get back your energy and interest in things; they took a short vacation to

recharge their batteries before starting work on their next project.”


What are some things you like to do you to to give your creative battery a bit of extra juice?

Here’s one thing always refreshes me…



6 Ways To Recharge Your Creative Battery…So You Can Focus On Your Business:


  1.  Take time for yourself that is not work related.
  2.  Clean, organize and de-clutter your work room or desk.
  3.  Make an inspiration boards or vision board.
  4.  Take some alone time and meditate.
  5.  Brainstorm with a team member or friend.
  6.  Sit outside with a good book and read for an hour.


A few weeks ago, our Unstoppable Alliance team hosted our Wednesday Night “Hangout with Mentors”…where we discussed ideas that each one of us did individually to focus and make our online marketing work.  You’ll find some great ideas and tips here that can help you in being more productive in your business.

Watch the “Hangout with Mentor” Replay  –> Focusing and Making Your Online Marketing Work

hangout mentors



What were some of your favorite “take-aways” from the Hangout?  Did you learn anything new that you can begin implementing into your daily routine?  I bet you did…because there was so much value shared here.

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To staying focused,

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5 Ways to Use Drop Cards For Your Business











Drop cards…or customized business cards…are a great way to promote your business and are inexpensive and easy to use to get the word out about your product, service or business.


Here are 5 ways to use Drop Cards for your Business:


1. Just drop a card in every envelope when you pay your bills…because the person opening your payment is probably unhappy with their job and needing to earn extra money and is probably dreaming about quitting their job. Your drop card could be the answer to their prayers.

2. Put your cards on the table along with your tip when you pay the bill at a restaurant…no doubt the waiter or waitress would love some a way to make additional income from home.



3.  When you’re shopping for books at Barnes and Nobles or any other book store, go into the Self Help, Financial or even Travel section and slip your card between the pages of a few books (you might need to be a bit stealth so you don’t get busted…lol)

4.  When someone asks you what you do for a living…hand them one of your beautiful drop cards.

5.  Slip one on the drivers side window of cars…I wouldn’t suggest you put it under the windshield wiper as most people find that annoying. I know I do. Again, do that stealthly so you don’t get busted.


I’m sure you can come up with many other ways to get your drop cards out.  The possibilities are endless…get creative…but just get your cards out.


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Why “no” is a stepping stone to success



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How To Make Money With Videos





How to Make Money With Videos


So, how you can get more eyes on your business opportunity or product and make more money?   I have one word for you.




YouTube videos are a powerful marketing technique because people are always searching YouTube and Google for information and business opportunities, and if you have a video posted and have the title and description loaded with keywords, people will find you and just may join your business or purchase your products.

I have been promoting my business on YouTube for the past year, and have signed up many new reps because they found me on YouTube.

Here is a prime example of the power of videos.  The other day someone (whom I didn’t know at all) was looking for information on a home business, which happened to be the business I promote, and was searching all the videos on YouTube…and came across mine.  This person watched my THREE videos and liked what I had to share and decided to join me over the other marketers that were promoting my same business and who had many more videos posted.

This person emailed me and said they would like to talk…and after a phone conversation, they made the decision to join me in my business…and sent me a $1,000 commission.

How’s that for the power of video?

If I hadn’t had 2 or 3 videos posted on YouTube about my business opportunity, this person never would have found me…and I would have missed out on another $1,000 pay day.

So don’t discount the power of video. Even if you are nervous about doing your first one, or think you kinda stink at it (I’m sure you don’t)…just do your first one and post it.  Then do another one.  And another.

You’ll get better over time and actually come to enjoy doing them…especially when you start signing up more people into your business…and the checks start rolling in.


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Why You Should Always Ask For What You Want


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