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How To Stop Related YouTube Videos From Showing After Yours…

Posted by on November 6, 2016




When you’re posting your video in your capture page or blog to promote your website, the last thing you want is to promote someone else’s website that is similar to yours…and have your prospect join someone else who is promoting the same business.


YouTube will show relevant videos at the end of yours that your prospects can click on and watch…such as your competitors…unless you do this simple thing to turn it off.


Watch my video below…



(You can also watch the video here on YouTube…CLICK HERE.)


Wasn’t that easy?   Now when people watch your video on your capture page or website, it won’t show your competitor’s videos…and they won’t be tempted to click on them and possibly join with someone else…they will most likely join YOU.



If you found this helpful, please comment below and share my video with your friends…and thanks for stopping by!


To your video success,


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