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How to Get Faster Wifi Speed for Facebook Live Videos

Posted by on February 8, 2018



Facebook encourages its users to do Facebook Live videos…


…but what do you do if you have a poor wifi connection and your videos are blurry, poor quality sound…and you keep getting dropped?


Trust me, I know.  I’ve been trying to do FB Live videos for quite some time now, but my wifi upload speed was always too low and I wasn’t even getting 1 megabit per second speed so my videos were very blurry and often dropped off.  I tried this “free” fix on my video below…and as you can see it came out 720p HD.  Yay!


Be sure to go to from your mobile device and check out your “upload” speed to see if you’re getting the recommended speed before going live.  Your upload speed needs to be a minimum of 2 megabits per second before going LIVE so that you have decent connection…naturally, 4 megabits per second is even better.


Watch my video for a super simple and FREE solution that will help you get a good wifi connection…so you can do LIVE vids on Facebook and share value with your audience.



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To your Facebook Live Video Success!




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(this is how my LIVES used to look before using this new trick!)


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