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Goal Setting Tips…and Making 2014 your BEST year ever!

Posted by on January 3, 2014

Wow, here we are…another New Year has arrived, and with it comes new resolutions and new goals for the year.  This is usually the time we all look back over the past year and evaluate the goals we had made…which goals we made happen (yippee!!)…and which ones are still not reached (we’ll do better this year!!).



Did you reach your goals in 2013?


How many of your goals did you reach this past year?     If you reached some or all of your goals, you need to celebrate and reward yourself for a job well done.  If you still have some goals that went unfulfilled…well, you know what to do.  Transfer them on to your 2014 Goal Sheet and get laser-focused on reaching them this year.


Overall, I’d say 2013 was a pretty great year for me in so many ways.  Even though I didn’t reach some of my BIG goals…I was able to reach quite a few of the smaller goals that I planned for myself…and I feel pretty proud of that!   So, now I’m going to get laser-focused on reaching those big ones this year!   I believe 2014 is GOING to be an amazing year…and it is the year I WILL make those BIG goals happen for myself!!     How about you?  😀


On a very personal note, 2013 did not end so well for me…but despite those circumstances, I’m determined and committed to making 2014 even better than ever!  Nothing is going to stand in my way!  LOL



You must have a plan of ACTION…


To reach your goals, you need to not only know what you want and write them down…but you must have a plan of action.  Below are a few helpful tips that were shared on a recent webinar I was on.  Following these tips can help you in writing down your goals for 2014 so hopefully they will be easier to reach.


1. Be SPECIFIC.  Top achievers know that to reach their goals, you must know exactly what you are trying to accomplish.  Don’t make the mistake and write vague goals with words like “some” or “a little bit more”, or “something better than last month”.  Be specific!   If you want to earn an extra $1,000 a month in your home business, then specify those exact numbers.   It will be easier for you to go after what you want…if you know exactly what you are aiming for.


2.  Describe them SIMPLY.  Many people describe their goals in complex terms of retiring on the beach in Hawaii, with nice cars and lots of money, and…. Their list goes on and on. Any ONE of those things is a great goal, but the combination becomes overwhelming and the brain gets confused. If you want to retire in Hawaii, just say so! If you want to increase your monthly income by 30% in the next 90 days, say so!   Keep your goals simple, clear, and focused.


3. Make them SIGNIFICANT.  No one can get enthusiastic and put in the hard work and belief that’s necessary in order to reach a goal they don’t really care about.  Don’t you agree?  A reachable goal is one you really, really, REALLY want!   It’s something that gives you goose bumps when you think about it and it will change your life in some way. It’s that something that will get you pumped up and out of bed in the morning with the excitement to do whatever needs to be done that day.  So set goals that are exciting to you!


4.  Make your goals MEASURABLE.  A goal without a measurable outcome is just a pipe-dream  (I’m sure you’ve heard that before).   Someone one said that, “What gets measured, gets done.”  So, define your goals in terms of height, weight, dollars, inches, or hours, etc.  Then measure your progress until you achieve your desired outcome.


Well, there you have it.  Some simple tips to writing some powerful goals….so let’s do everything in our power to make 2014 the best year ever.  I’m going to do it…and I KNOW you can too!!


I hope you enjoyed this post on Goal Setting…And Making 2014 Your Best Year Ever.   Please feel free to leave me your comments below and share with others, and thanks for stopping by! 


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To making 2014 your BEST year ever,

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2 Responses to Goal Setting Tips…and Making 2014 your BEST year ever!

  1. Paul Nulty

    Great blog post I really enjoyed reading and watching your video – Happy New Year and may this year bring you many happy fulfilling moments.

    • Ann Schierling

      Thank you, Paul…I appreciate your comment. Have a SUPER New Year! 🙂

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