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Getting What You Want: The Law Of Attraction

Posted by on June 9, 2013

What are your thoughts on the Law of Attraction? I’ve been doing a lot of study on it the last couple years and I’m a firm believer. Whether we know about it, agree with it, or think about it…the Law of Attraction is busy at work in our lives every single day, all day long.


What we think about DOES affect us.

Law of Attraction


We can achieve any goal, overcome any obstacle and solve any problem…how empowering is that??


The way we think creates our own reality. In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. And according to the Law, your thoughts (both unconscious and conscious) dictate the reality of your life, whether or not you’re aware of it or believe in it.


 Steps to begin manifesting your desires:


1. Clearly define what you want.

2. You must have a burning desire for what you want and have high emotional (happy) feelings when you think of it.

3. The key to getting what you want is belief and complete expectation…you need to have the feeling that you already received it. (This isn’t always easy to do…)

4. Monitor your emotions every day and always make it a point to feel good every day. If you’re not feeling good, it means your not thinking properly and you need to change your thinking. When you start feeling good, you will start attracting more like-minded thoughts, situations, events and people into your life…that will begin to bring your desire into manifestation.


OK, that seems straightforward enough, you might say. But is it really?


ds domination


Well, no, it’s not always easy…I’ll admit that. I have days where I struggle with my thinking and my attitude. We all have poor ‘thinking’ habits that are engrained in us and it’s not always easy to break those habits.  But we CAN do it.


Instead of focusing on what we desire and having the feeling of already having it with a feeling of gratitude and joy, our minds tend to want to be negative and tell us we don’t have it and won’t get it. It’s how most of us have been thinking most of our lives. We participate in negative self-talk; we worry constantly; we think about how we’re never going to get it; we feel frustrated and stressed…and the list goes on…and we need to stop it.


The challenge…and the answer…is to practice the Law of Attraction every single day of your life—to make it a habit.


This will help:


* Surround yourself with Positive People.
* Read uplifting books daily, even a page (here’s a recommended list).
* Focus on what you want…not what you don’t want.


The bottom line is, we are all responsible for our own lives…it’s in our control what direction we go.   We do create everything in our own lives…and the good news is everything that we’ve created can be changed if we don’t like it. WE have the power to do that. How cool is that??  🙂


I challenge you to believe in the Law of Attraction and realize it’s a part of your life every single day…whether one believes in it or not, it’s constantly at work in our lives every day. We might as well learn how to use it to our advantage and create an amazing life for ourselves.


So start by taking daily action steps that will begin leading you in the direction of your dreams and goals.  Stop wishing things were better…start doing things that will make them better.


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To all your wishes, dreams and desires,


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2 Responses to Getting What You Want: The Law Of Attraction

  1. mondo gonz

    awesome website you have good information here to share for someone that wants more out of live. thanks for sharing

    • Ann Schierling

      Thanks, Mondo…I appreciate that. Hope you have an amazing day! 🙂

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