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Daily Habit of the Wealthy

Posted by on September 12, 2012


What is the Daily Habit of the Wealthy…?


read daily


What are the daily habits of successful people and the ultra-wealthy?  Well, one daily habit is that they read…each and every day.  If you’re not already doing this, perhaps it’s time to do what the wealthy do…and invest in yourself.  Start reading and/or listening to motivational material each day, even if it’s only for a few minutes.  Make a habit of it.


I find the best time is first thing in the morning…when the world is still quiet outside and I can get the most out of what I read.  Reading first thing in the morning also helps me to get my mindset and thinking set in a positive direction for the rest of the day, which helps me deal more confidently with any challenges that may come during the course of the day.  Below is a list of books that come highly recommended.


Is it true what they say…that “a book a day keeps poverty away…?”  Well, I don’t know if that is actually true, but I would say that anyone who doesn’t take the time to invest in their mind daily is definitely at a disadvantage.  They say that “readers are leaders”…but, believe it or not, 25% of the entire U.S. population (that’s about one in four people)…don’t read a single book in an entire year.


 “Not all readers are leaders…but all leaders are readers” ~ Harry S. Truman


read dailySo…what books are in your library and what audio series are you currently listening to?  What was the last book you read?


And no, I’m not talking about romance novels, sci-fi thrillers or the latest Harry Potter adventure.   As entertaining as those books are, you need to be feeding your mind with useful information that will help you grow in your daily life and in your business, whatever that may be.


There is so much valuable information out there that can help catapult your business to the next level if you just take the time to learn something new each day.   It’s said that your future is hidden in your daily routine.  Do you have the habits of a successful person?  Your habits alone determine who you become…your habits alone determine if you succeed.


Here is a list of books that come highly recommended by a ‘secret wealth society’ that I’m a member of.  I have a handful of these books in my library already and I’m adding more all the time:


1.    The Magic of Thinking Big
2.    See You at the Top
3.    Ask and it is Given
4.    The Secret
5.    Psycho Cybernetics
6.    The Law of Success in 16 Lessons
7.    Think and Grow Rich
8.    The Magic of Believing
9.    How to Win Friends and Influence People
10.  The Go-Giver
11.   The Power of Positive Thinking
12.   The Game of Work
13.   Rich Dad Poor Dad
14.   Hung By the Tongue
15.   The Tongue of Creative Force
16.   What You Say is What you Get
17.   How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success Through Selling
18.   How to have Power and Confidence when Dealing with People
19.   The Only Answer to Becoming a Sales Champion


It is suggested you buy the books starting from the one listed first…then work your way down the list.  Which ones have you already read…and which new ones will you be adding to your collection?     It’s never to late to start…order a book today and start reading.


Reading is a great habit to have….Start feeding your mind today.


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2 Responses to Daily Habit of the Wealthy

  1. Brian and Felicia White

    Love this post Ann! We couldn’t agree more on the importance of reading and listening to audios that feed your mind and change your mindset. We also agree that morning is the best time to read and then listening to audios is great all throughout the day. We are listening to “The Science of Getting Rich” on audio…reading Dale Carnegie’s book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. We love, “Think and Grow Rich”, and Pycho Cybernetics as well. There’s so many great ones! We’ll have to add some from your list to ours. Thanks for the tiips and suggestions. You ROCK!

    • Ann Schierling

      Great choices on the audios and books…you two are an example to follow! Plant that seed early in the morning…and watch what grows throughout the day! 🙂

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