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The Power Of Imagination…and Dreaming Big

  As I’m listening to an audio from one of my mentors speaking about the power of imagination and dreaming big and how important it is, I have to ask myself…   “Am I tapping into my imagination and dreaming as big as I could be?”   We need to tap into our imagination and our dreams … Continue reading »

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Your Comfort Zone = Your Wealth Zone

  Getting outside of our “comfort zone” and doing something different can sometimes be a difficult thing to do.  But if you want to be successful in your business, you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You need to practice how to get out of your comfort zone and into your ‘discomfort zone’ – … Continue reading »

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Having An Attitude of Gratitude…Opens The Door To Abundance

What does it mean to have an “attitude of gratitude” and how can gratitude change your life for the better? Do you consider yourself a “grateful person”…one who feels genuine gratitude for the situations and people in your life every day?  Or are you just the opposite…someone who doesn’t really see the blessings and beauty … Continue reading »

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Having The Self-Confidence To Achieve Anything

  Self confidence…it’s the difference between feeling unstoppable…and feeling scared and unable to take that first step toward your goals.   I was listening to an audio a while back entitled “Building Self Confidence”  by Debbie Ford (New York Times bestselling author)…and she covered some gold nuggets that you might find helpful if you struggle … Continue reading »

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The Power of Persistence

    There is a lot to be said about the power of persistence.   Everyone goes through times when they feel discouraged or frustrated with what they are doing, especially in the home-based business arena. And many feel like quitting…and DO quit before they even give success a chance. They want to throw in … Continue reading »

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Having A Magnificent Obsession…The Secret No One Talks About

When most people think of the word obsession, they feel it’s a bad thing. And sure…depending on what a person is obsessed with, that can be true.   But when it comes to defining what you want in life, focusing on it and going after it…then you must have a magnificent obsession. And that is a … Continue reading »

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Right Thinking Creates Right Actions…Which Creates Success

We all have some type of self-limiting beliefs in ourselves…truth is, we can be our own worst critic. Having the right thinking and confidence in ourselves and in our abilities is so important to our success as an entrepreneur. “Right thinking creates right actions…and right actions creates success.”   As I was listening to a mindset … Continue reading »

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How To Win Friends And Influence People…The Principles

There are so many great books out there on mindset, law of attraction, how to become more successful…and I’m always reading and adding new books to my library.  Reading is so POWERFUL and something that we should all be making more time in our daily schedule to do.  Don’t you agree?   Recently, I read Dale Carnegie’s book “How … Continue reading »

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