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Marketing Tips

How to Get Faster Wifi Speed for Facebook Live Videos

    Facebook encourages its users to do Facebook Live videos…   …but what do you do if you have a poor wifi connection and your videos are blurry, poor quality sound…and you keep getting dropped?   Trust me, I know.  I’ve been trying to do FB Live videos for quite some time now, but … Continue reading »

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8 Tips That Will Help You Rock Facebook Lives…

  Have you noticed how there are more and more live videos in your Facebook newsfeed lately?  Everyone is doing live video these days, especially people involved in network marketing and MLM because they know the power of doing live video and the exposure they are getting to their business, product and their websites. Mark … Continue reading »

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How To Change Your Facebook Live Video Thumbnail Picture

    So, you uploaded your video to Facebook…or you just finished a Facebook Live video…awesome, congratulations! But now you notice that the thumbnail picture selected for you is…well, GOOFY looking…or you have your eyes closed. How do you change it?  Very simple.   Watch my video below as I walk you through step-by-step so … Continue reading »

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How To Stop Related YouTube Videos From Showing After Yours…

    When you’re posting your video in your capture page or blog to promote your website, the last thing you want is to promote someone else’s website that is similar to yours…and have your prospect join someone else who is promoting the same business.   YouTube will show relevant videos at the end of … Continue reading »

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How to Get Your Website Found on Google…Video Tutorial

              Learn how to get your website and blog posts and videos to appear on Google…with a few simple steps.   When people search for you on Google, does your site show up?   Watch my short video below to learn how to get your links, website, blog posts, … Continue reading »

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5 Ways to Use Drop Cards For Your Business

                  Drop cards…or customized business cards…are a great way to promote your business and are inexpensive and easy to use to get the word out about your product, service or business.   Here are 5 ways to use Drop Cards for your Business:   1. Just drop a card … Continue reading »

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How To Make Money With Videos

        How to Make Money With Videos   So, how you can get more eyes on your business opportunity or product and make more money?   I have one word for you. Videos.     YouTube videos are a powerful marketing technique because people are always searching YouTube and Google for information and business … Continue reading »

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