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Asking For What You Want

Posted by on February 17, 2016


Asking ain’t getting…




But sometimes asking IS getting.  🙂


Ah, yes…that famous line from “Gone with the Wind”…my favorite movie of all time.  Do you remember that line?  


It was after the Civil War, and Pork (the house servant) rushes in to tell Scarlett O’Hara that the carpetbaggers have raised the taxes to $300 on Tara (their plantation) and most people in the South, of course, were now flat broke and didn’t have the money to pay the taxes, so the carpetbaggers swept in and took hold of all the plantations and homes.  Scarlett was distressed to hear about the $300 tax and thought for a moment, then told Pork…that she’d have to speak with Ashley Wilkes (the once wealthy owner of the plantation Twelve Oaks) about getting that money.  Pork looked at Scarlett like she had just lost her mind, and said “Oh, he ain’t got no $300.”  Scarlett flashed Pork her famous look with one eyebrow raised and said “Well, I can ask, can’t I??” and stormed out of the shack with Pork looking on and shaking his head and muttering to himself, “Asking ain’t getting.” 


LOL…what a great line!  😀 


Pork was obviously not a big believer in asking for something that you need or want and believing you can get it…but sometimes Asking IS getting.


One of the many valuable lessons that my older brother, Larry, taught me many years ago…is if you don’t ask…you don’t get. 

 If there is something that you want or need, or wish you had help with…don’t hesitate to ask someone.   Whether it’s help with marketing for your home business, a request for a discount on an item you want to purchase…or anything else even if it’s unrelated to business.  ASK.


I have found that people will usually give you what you want, or at least meet you half way…but you need to ASK first, otherwise you won’t get it.  You’ll find that many people are very accommodating and want to help out, but often times we’re so stuck with the belief that they won’t do what it is we wish, so we convince ourselves it’s useless…and we don’t ask.  Big mistake.

Good things happen to those who ask…so don’t be afraid to ASK for what you want or need.  Make it a habit to always ask (nicely of course) and you just may find that “Asking IS getting.”


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