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8 Ways To Relax…and Take a Mental Break

Posted by on June 18, 2014


Let’s face it, sometimes life can be very hectic and fast paced.   It’s seems there’s always so much going on in our lives with family, work, errands, making time to build our home business…and still trying to fit time in to relax.

There’s days where we might feel like we’re a hamster on a wheel running at top speed all day long…multi-tasking and jumping from project to project.  Then when Friday comes, we wonder why we’re so exhausted and just want to collapse and sleep all weekend.

Can you relate?

The best thing to do to keep our minds sharp and feeling productive, is to take the time out of our busy days…and just RELAX and UNWIND.  Even if it’s only for 1/2 hour .   Make time in your day for some “me” time…every day.






















(Beach photo credit to James A. Smith…you rock!)


8 Ways to Relax and Unwind:


1.  Go for a walk.   Take a stroll around your neighborhood or drive to the park and get out and walk.  Instead of looking at the ground when you’re walking, walk with your head up and enjoy the scenery around you.  Oh…and leave your cell phone in your pocket.  Resist the temptation to pull it out and yak on the phone to your friends while walking.  The whole point of your walk is to get out…and relax with some “me” time.


listen to soothing music2.  Listen to Soothing Music.   Listening to your favorite music can be so relaxing….but choose soothing tunes that calm your nerves.  Perhaps this isn’t the best time for Nine Inch Nails.  LOL.   Studies show that soothing music can also slow down breathing and heart rate, lower blood pressure, and relax tense muscles too.  Sounds good to me!


3.  Play.   Playing is a great way to unwind, and we’re never too old for that!   Play can be anything from oil painting, to playing catch with the kids outside, to throwing a Frisbee for your four-legged furry friends to fetch.


4.  Be in nature.   This is one of my favorite things to do.  Head outside and find a place that’s beautiful to you.   Perhaps sit on a bench or a blanket and let your mind get quiet while you listen to the wind whispering through the pine trees, or the water lapping on the shore or the birds chirping.   What do you see, hear and smell?

I’m very fortunate to live in Oregon where there is so much beauty around me…all within minutes from my front door.  One of my favorite places to go is on the outskirts of town, but once you walk back in through the pines, you feel like you’re a hundred miles away from civilization.

Go ahead…take 30 seconds and enjoy the serene sound of the water…and unwind.   🙂


5.  Take a Cat Nap.   Ahhhhh!   Another one of my favorites!  Haha!   Take a 20-minute catnap.  Experts say that a 20-minute naps will leave you feeling refresh, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of your day or that project you’re working on.  But….they say anything over 30 minutes takes you into deep sleep, and makes you groggy.


6.  Yoga.  Yoga is a form of mediation and will relax your mind because when you’re concentrating on keeping your posture perfect, you can’t be stressing about your job or other things that are creating tension.  I haven’t tried Yoga yet, but one of my good friends works at Nestlé in Los Angeles, and they offer Yoga classes every day at noon…and she swears by it and says it makes her super stressful job of juggling 16 managers more manageable (yikes…glad I don’t have her job.  Haha!)


7.  Mediate.   Meditation can be a great way to relax, especially if you are under a lot of stress.  It’s said that meditation can be helpful in lowering heart rate and blood pressure.  Just find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed for 10-15 minutes and close your eyes and just focus on ONE thing.  It could be your breathing, the clock ticking or a peaceful picture you have in your mind of your ideal vacation spot.  Breathe in…breathe out…you got it.


pet your dog


8.  Pet your dog or cat.  Okay…another one of my favorites!  It’s been proven that petting and playing with your dog or cat not only benefits you and calms your nerves, but your pet is going to love the extra attention too.


So there you have it….pick one or two of these quick relaxation tips and give ’em a whirl.  And be sure to take the time every day…and just chill.  You’ll come back to your tasks with a much sharper mind and more excitement and enthusiasm to keep building your home business, too.


Have a super week,


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2 Responses to 8 Ways To Relax…and Take a Mental Break

  1. Brian and Felicia White

    Phenomenal post Ann! You listed so many great ways to relax and take a mental break which are so necessary if you want to be well balanced and happy. Really enjoyed the video with the sounds of nature and you’re absolutely correct in saying that listening to Nine Inch Nails wouldn’t keep you calm, cool, and collected. Haha! Yoga is a great way to decompress as your friend said. When I used to work my corporate job as office manager over 30 locations under our umbrella, I did that on my lunch break and it was a real life saver. So glad I don’t have that job anymore! WHEW!

    Seriously, all great tips my friend and really appreciate you sharing such value to help others. You’re a gem! 🙂

    • Ann Schierling

      I’m sure one could think of many more ways to take time out and chill for a while…but other than Yoga, which I haven’t tried yet…and you have (I’m impressed! lol)…these are some of my favorites. Thanks so much for your comment!! 🙂

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