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8 Tips That Will Help You Rock Facebook Lives…

Posted by on October 6, 2017


Have you noticed how there are more and more live videos in your Facebook newsfeed lately?  Everyone is doing live video these days, especially people involved in network marketing and MLM because they know the power of doing live video and the exposure they are getting to their business, product and their websites.

Mark Zuckerberg says that by the year 2020…90% of the content on Facebook will be…yes, you guessed it…LIVE videos.

So below are a few tips that you can use to make your lives better…

8 simple tips that will help you ROCK Facebook live videos…












Watch my video…

Compelling and Interest-Grabbing Title:  You want to have a compelling and interest-grabbing title on your video before you go live.   Why?  Because your title is what is going to grab your viewer’s attention and have them watch your video.  So make it grab their attention.  Your title can say something like “3 Ways To Get More Sales”  or “7 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook”  or “8 Things You Should Never Eat After Midnight.”   You can always edit your title later.

The Hook:  You want to “hook” viewers and reel them in to watch your live video when you first begin.  Once you start your video, you have about 10-12 seconds to grab their attention (to hook them), otherwise they will be gone and off scrolling the Newsfeed to look at other posts and videos.   Your hook can be something like saying “hello everybody…in this video I am going to be sharing how you can get more sales in your business by doing 3 simple things.  But first, I want to say hi to everyone jumping on…and welcome you, etc.”    Don’t worry if you don’t have any live viewers at this point, especially if you’re just starting out doing live vids…your audience will grow over time if you’re giving value…and you will also get more eyeballs on the replay of your video.

Introduction/Establish Authority:  You want to introduce yourself and establish authority about yourself.  No worries…you don’t have to be an internet marketing guru…just be you.  You can say something like:   “In this video, I’ll be discussing one of the top mistakes I see new internet marketers make online…but first, I want to introduce myself.  My name is Bob Smith and I am an online marketer and I own a business that helps people create awesome blogs.”

Encourage engagement:  You want to talk with your audience and encourage engagement….why?  because Facebook likes engagement and the more you engage your live audience the more “reach” Facebook will give your video.  Ask them anything…click the like button or type in the comment section what state they live in.  Be creative…just keep it simple.

Call to comment (or C.O.C.):  Invite people to leave comments…again, Facebook wants to see interaction.  Ask your audience if they can relate to the topic you’re discussing…tell them to put a #1 in the comment section if they are getting value, etc.  The longer your live video is, the more questions you want to ask, but don’t overdo it.  If your video is 10 minutes long, 5 questions is enough.

The Content:   You are there to share your content with your audience…but it’s also important to greet people and acknowledge they joined your video.  Say hi to them…but do this only at the beginning and the end of your video.  You want to keep the content flowing and not have interruptions where you’re saying hi every time someone pops on.    Also, make sure your content matches the title and adds value to those you are sharing it with.

Your Call to Action:  You need to go into your video know what your “call to action” is going to be.  At the end of each video give your audience a call to action.  Something like “if you would like a copy of the book I reviewed in this video, type “book” in the comment section and I will message you the link.”  You always want to be building your brand.

Q & A: You can do a question and answer segment at the end of your video to give your viewers an opportunity to ask you something relative to what you shared in your video.  Don’t worry about doing a Q&A if you don’t have any “live” viewers…but you can still say “If you have any questions or comments about what I shared today, type your question in the comment section below, and I will answer them later.”

If you got value from these tips, please feel free to share with others.

To your video success!


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