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7 Ways to Slim Down

Posted by on September 1, 2012

7 Ways to Slim Down – You’ve  heard all the crazy gimmicks and the secret ancient tricks that are supposed to be your shortcut to losing weight and keeping it off forever, right?  If only it were that easy, right?  Well, losing weight doesn’t have to be torture and it doesn’t have to be difficult.  The one thing we know is that losing healthy, lasting weight doesn’t happen overnight (you didn’t pack those extra pounds on overnight, right?), but it is something you can achieve if you follow the right plan…and of course I highly recommend the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge because it works…but however you decide to begin your weight loss journey, take a moment to read the 7 helpful tips below and keep them in mind along the way.


7 Fast and Free Slimming Secrets:


1.  DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS – Did you know that 74% of adults are dehydrated?  This can slow your metabolism 3-5% and keep the pounds on.   Another reason to drink plenty of fluids (especially water) is that many people can confuse thirst as hunger.  So drink plenty of fluids, including NEURO, and you’ll have healthy energy and help your body flush out toxins, you’ll feel fuller and help raise your metabolism…which burns fat.


2.  EAT FRUITS AND VEGETABLES – Studies show that 83% of people don’t eat enough fruit  every day, and 72% don’t get enough vegetables?  These foods are critical to losing weight and they fill you up because of the water content and fiber they have, provide healthy antioxidants and fiber, and are low in calories…especially vegetables.  You can eat more and weigh less by adding fruits and vegetables to your diet.  But eat more of the veggies than fruit, as they have less natural sugar.


3.  EAT PROTEIN – Eating protein is an important factor in keeping your blood sugars level and keeping you from getting hungry.    Add protein foods to your diet such as lean chicken, fish and low fat dairy products on a daily basis.  But not all protein is created equal. The Tri-Sorb in ViSalus products are especially designed to help you retain and build lean muscle as well as burning fat.  Other brands use gelatin, milk powder or other proteins that may be great for skin, hair or nails…but won’t help you burn fat or boost muscle growth like ViSalus.


4.  AVOID THE COLOR BEIGE – Did you know that beige foods such as pasta, rice and breads tend to be high in carbohydrates and calories, but low in nutrition?  These foods may taste great, but they add up to more calories…and more fat.  When you do eat them, limit your portion and eat brown rice, whole grain bread and pasta.   One cup of refried beans can be 500 calories…wow!  You could eat almost 10 servings of fruit and vegetables and still not reach 500 calories.  So avoid beige…and add more color to your plate.


5.  GET SOME SLEEP!  Studies show that if you get too little sleep, your body won’t function the way it’s meant to…and you’ll gain and retain weight.  Maybe it’s a coincidence, but 68% of us don’t get 8 hours of sleep per night, and almost the same percentage of people are overweight.   Sleep more, and your body will de-stress, detox and retain less cortisol which helps make you gain weight.


6.  PORTION SIZES DO COUNT – The average plate  of food in restaurants and in homes is 2-3 times larger in size and calories than just 30 years ago.  Do you notice more overweight people today than years ago?  Did you know that a serving size of protein is the same size as your compute mouse or a deck of cards?  Two cups of mixed greens (salad) should be about the size of two baseballs.  A serving of fruit is about the size of a tennis ball.  A service of butter or cheese the size of a dice (oh, you’re eating more than that?).  These little tricks can help you keep portions under control…and help you lose weight.

And finally…


7.  EXERCISE!!!   The best way to boost metabolism, to boost your mood and to boost weight loss is to exercise.  Simple tricks like taking a 10 minute walk 3 times a day can help you lose weight, build muscle and look better in those new jeans.


And remember, muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t be surprised as you exercise and gain muscle, that the scale doesn’t go down.  It’s the inches not the pounds that count.  Did you know that 1 pound of fat is about the size of a large grapefruit…but that same pound of muscle is about the size of a small tangerine?   By boosting your exercise time, you may not lose pounds, but you will be losing inches…and that’s a good thing because muscle burns more calories and helps you lose weight faster and be healthier.


So don’t focus on the scale…focus how your clothes fit.


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To Your Life,  Health & Prosperity,


Ann Schierling

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4 Responses to 7 Ways to Slim Down

  1. panambi elliott

    Thank you for the info! Very helpfull, I have forgotten about alot of it!!!

  2. Ann Schierling

    I’m glad you found them helpful…I know you’re going to get great results!

  3. Brian and Felicia White

    All great tips Ann for slimming down! Very informative & well written. Although we personally don’t need to lose weight, they are great tips for just plain staying healthy. Staying active is so important for sure. It will ensure a long life. We will pass these fabulous tips on to those who need to hear it. Thanks for sharing & keep Rockin’!

    • Ann Schierling

      Thanks, Brian & Felicia…it’s all about being healthy and living a joyful life. 🙂

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