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6 Ways To Recharge Your Creative Battery…So You Can Focus On Your Business

Posted by on October 16, 2016


Do you ever have days where you feel mentally drained…and struggle to focus on your business?  Oh, yeah…it happens to the best of us, doesn’t it?  We sit down at our desk to do some marketing or write a blog or put together some content for a video…

…and our mind goes BLANK.

Can you relate?  I bet you can.  LOL.

That just means you need to recharge your battery.

recharge your battery and focus on your business










Making time in your busy day to step away and chill for a while is one of the best things you can do to recharge your battery…and come back refreshed and focused and feeling creative again.

Take time out each day…say a half hour or so…or take an entire day off if you feel you need to…and go do something fun that makes you feel good and energizes you.


Definition of Recharging your battery:    

“To rest and get back your energy and interest in things; they took a short vacation to

recharge their batteries before starting work on their next project.”


What are some things you like to do you to to give your creative battery a bit of extra juice?

Here’s one thing always refreshes me…



6 Ways To Recharge Your Creative Battery…So You Can Focus On Your Business:


  1.  Take time for yourself that is not work related.
  2.  Clean, organize and de-clutter your work room or desk.
  3.  Make an inspiration boards or vision board.
  4.  Take some alone time and meditate.
  5.  Brainstorm with a team member or friend.
  6.  Sit outside with a good book and read for an hour.


A few weeks ago, our Unstoppable Alliance team hosted our Wednesday Night “Hangout with Mentors”…where we discussed ideas that each one of us did individually to focus and make our online marketing work.  You’ll find some great ideas and tips here that can help you in being more productive in your business.

Watch the “Hangout with Mentor” Replay  –> Focusing and Making Your Online Marketing Work

hangout mentors



What were some of your favorite “take-aways” from the Hangout?  Did you learn anything new that you can begin implementing into your daily routine?  I bet you did…because there was so much value shared here.

If you enjoyed this post, please comment and share below…and thanks for stopping by.

To staying focused,

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4 Responses to 6 Ways To Recharge Your Creative Battery…So You Can Focus On Your Business

  1. Felicia White

    Absolutely love the tranquil video as well as the list to recharge your battery! All excellent tips that we apply in our lives also and will continue to do so. Does the mind, body, and soul SO much good! Thanks for sharing Ann! You ROCK and we appreciate you immensely!

    • Ann Schierling

      Well, thank you sooo much, Felicia…and you know I appreciate you guys, too!! Thank you for sharing your comment! 😀

  2. Bob Cairns

    Ann, thankyou so much for your inspiration

    • Ann Schierling

      Hey, Bob…thank you so much for stopping by and for your comment…I appreciate you! 🙂

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