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6 Easy Steps To Create a Before/After Photo

Posted by on January 18, 2012

Have you ever wondered how to create those cool looking Before/After images or collages to use on your website, as a header on your blog, to post on Facebook…or even to make some eye-catching flyers and many more things?   What caught my attention were the Before/After photos other people were posting…and I wanted to know how to make my own.  These can come in particularly handy if you’re in ViSalus, Herbalife, Monavie, Arbonne  or any of the other nutrition/weight loss companies out there, and you want to document a Before/After photo of yourself, a friend or one of your customers.  I always assumed it would be difficult to create or would require me to purchase…yet another…special program, but I was very happy to see that it’s just the opposite.    It’s easy…and it’s free and there is no download required…nothing to install.  Cool.  I’ll show you how in 6 easy steps you can create a Before/After photo and much more…

   (My Toy Poodle, Pearl)


If you are already familiar with Picnik or how to do this, then you know what I’m talking about.   If not, no worries as I’m going to show how easy it is.  Picnik is a very simple, user-friendly photo editing site where you can go and group together photos for all kinds of fun projects.   You can tweak your photos to your heart’s content then get creative with oodles of effects, fonts, shapes and frames.  Cool stuff!


Here are the 6 easy steps:

  1. To start, go to the Picnik website.
  2. Click the ‘Get Started’ button and set up your free account.
  3. Then simply upload the photos you want to work with.
  4. To create your Before/After picture, go to the ‘Home’ tab in the left corner and click on the ‘Collage’ option at the top.  There you can choose the format on the left-hand scroll bar.  (For the Before/After picture, the best option would be the side-by-side option).
  5. Now you’ll need to size your photo.  Slide the bar that says ‘Proportions’ to get the photo the way you want it.
  6. Then if you’d like to go further, click the ‘Done’ button in the top right corner when you’re finished positioning your photos.  You can then go to ‘Create’ and ‘Text’ and type in “BEFORE” on your before photo…and “AFTER” on your after photo….or whatever you want to type.   The photo will be saved on your computer.














 (Interested in how she lost the weight?  Click the photo…)

So there you have it!  Even if you don’t have a need for creating grouped images right now, you should still give it a try.  It’s a lot of fun and you’ll probably find all kinds of neat things you can create…


In Life, Health & Prosperity,


Ann Schierling

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