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5 Tips to Conquering Procrastination

Posted by on February 28, 2014

5 Tips to Conquering Procrastination




Procrastination…it’s among the top reasons why many people don’t reach their goals and aren’t living the life they desire.  We’re all guilty of it at one time or another.  Sure, we all have great intentions to get those things done that are on our “to do list” (you do have a “to do” list, right?)…but it doesn’t always happen.


If  we would just make the decision to say NO to procrastinating and NO to putting off what we think we can do tomorrow, we’d get a heck of a lot more done every day and no doubt sleep a lot more restful at night knowing we did what we needed to do and crossed some things off that wonderful list.    If we would make the decision to do that on a consistent basis…we would find ourselves one step closer to reaching our goals, whatever they may be.  Ahhh, wouldn’t that be a great feeling?  🙂


Procrastination is what holds us back from reaching our goals and dreams. Over the years, I’ve gotten a heck of a lot better at conquering procrastination, but there are still days that I have to pick myself up by the scruff of the shirt and force myself do something I don’t really want to do…but know I need to do. You ever have days like that?  LOL.  I know you do!


I love the quote… “Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week” — so true, because too often we put off today what can be done tomorrow.  🙂

Don’t you feel crummy when you keep putting things off?   I know I do.  So when I came across these “Procrastination Busters” I thought it would be a great idea to share them with you.


So here they are…

5 tips to help bust the procrastination habit:


1.  Don’t blow a task out of proportion:  Sometimes the task we need to do seems too huge and we don’t know where to begin. Break the task down into small doable steps.  How do you eat an elephant?  Yep, one bite at a time.  Do this same with your task.


2.  Face your fear:  I think this is the biggest reason why most people procrastinate…like picking up the phone and calling a prospect or talking to your warm market about your business opportunity.  Haven’t you ever noticed the more we procrastinate, the bigger the fear becomes?  We let fear overtake us, and we just put this big scary task on the “to do” list for tomorrow.  (Guess what, it’s going to feel scary tomorrow, too.  Just get it done now!)


3.  Start with the hardest task of your day:  One thing I learned when I worked in Marketing was to write my “to do” list the night before.  I would number the tasks in the order of importance, starting with the most difficult one.  Doing this helped me to get that “mountain” out of the way first thing, then I could focus the rest of my day on the smaller, easier tasks.


4.  Get rid of any distractions:  It’s too easy to put off doing something when you have a lot of distractions around you.  Turn off the TV and the stereo.  If the kids interrupt your concentration, close your office door at least until you’re done.  If you’re on the computer trying to get some work done, shut off your chat and close out of your email and Facebook accounts…at least until you’ve finished what you need to do.  There are times I find myself distracted by the newest email I get or the latest comment on Facebook…so I shut it off.  Do the same.  You’ll be amazed how much you get done.


5.  Just take the first step:  This can be the hardest step to take…but yet the easiest once you take that first step. tell yourself you’re going to do it…no matter what.  Now get up out of your chair, put your right foot out in front of you…now the left foot (good you’re doing it!)  Now walk over to that phone or that pile of work that needs to be tackled and just do it.  If you don’t…guess what will be waiting for you to do tomorrow?  LOL




Just remember how GOOD you’re going to feel when you have conquered procrastination, have stopped putting things off “til tomorrow” and are getting closer to your goals and dreams!



You’re going to feel GREAT!!





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