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20 Ways to Feel Better…and Change Your Physiology

Posted by on May 4, 2014


In order to draw the things that we desire into our lives, we need to monitor how we feel every single day…and our objective is to feel better every day.

Sometimes feeling better or feeling positive isn’t easy, especially if we’re having a particularly bad day, but the good news is…we can change our mental state, by changing our physiology…and then begin feeling better.


change your physiology

I was listening to the audio series Your Wish Is Your Command again, and it teaches how in order to attract things into our lives that we desire…we need to be thinking about those things with power and intensity throughout the day and on a regular basis and with a lot of positive emotion.


“You get what you think about most of the time…”


But is it always easy to think and feel positive thoughts and emotions?  Well, no.  There are certainly times during our day when we might be feeling overwhelmed, stressed or even angry at someone or something. When we have these emotions, we’re not able to transmit and send out positive vibrations to the Universe with power and intensity.


So what do we do to break the cycle?  What we need to do is step away from what we’re doing…and take a breather by doing some of the physiology changers on the list below.   Try these suggestions and you’ll find you’ll come back feeling better, more refreshed and more positive.


As Tony Robbins shares, incantations is one great way to change your physiology…



20 Ways to Feel Better…and Change Your Physiology:


1.  Eat healthy foods.  Make a point to eat as naturally as possible, which means avoiding artificial sweeteners, additives and other food items that are processed.

2.  Exercise daily.  Everyone knows the importance of exercise for your health and heart, but it also releases the stress from your body by producing endorphins which are chemicals in the brain that act as natural pain killers.  So find a way to work out each day even if you just go for a bike ride with the kids or take a few laps in the pool.  Exercise helps people lose weight and lowers the risk of some diseases including Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure and of course it’s good for your heart.

3.  Music.  Listen to your favorite music or play an instrument. Music has the ability to quickly shift our mood which affects our subconscious mind where all those pesky negative thoughts live.

4.  Sing.  Sing along with your favorite songs…it will lighten your mood.  According to Time Magazine and other studies…group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins.  But even if you can’t hold a tune or sing with a choir or others, sing alone in the car, the shower or while preparing dinner.  It will make you feel happy.

5.  Walk.  Take a walk outside in nature and get some sunshine.  Even if you don’t have a lot of time in your daily schedule, go for a 10-minute walk. Exercise will clear your head and boosts your endorphins which have been found to reduce stress hormones.

6.  Mastermind.  Join a mastermind group and mastermind with others.  It’s very powerful. (Mastermind with us every morning)

7.  Audios.  Listen to educational and motivational audios daily even if it’s only for a few minutes.

8.  Hug someone.  Hugs are very powerful and most people don’t get enough tactile contact. Reaching out and hugging someone is a way of saying you care and its effects are immediate for both the hugger and the person being hugged.

9.  Read Daily.  Read educational and inspirational books daily, even if only a page or two.  Here’s a recommended list of books we should be reading.

laugh10.  Laugh.  Laughing creates an alkaline state where disease can’t exist in the body.

11.  Smile.  Smiling always makes us feel better.  Studies show that if you smile often enough, you end up rewiring your brain to make positive patterns more often than it does negative ones.  Smiling more is a great thing for your health…and it doesn’t cost you anything to do it.  🙂

12.  Relax.  Get a massage, take a sauna or chill out by the pool…you’ll feel refreshed.  Other added benefits include lower blood pressure and stress levels and making time to relax will greatly improve your mood and concentration.

13.  Pets. Take time each day to snuggle and play with your pet. It will make you feel more relaxed and happy…and your pet will sure love it, too. Animals make people feel good…and no one loves you more unconditionally than a pet. They’re always glad to see you and will listen to you talk for as long as you want to talk, unlike some humans. LOL

14.  Paint.  Do some type of arts/crafts where you’re creating something with your hands…it’s very therapeutic.

15.  Dance.  Even if you dance around the room alone…it will change your mood for the better. When you start moving your body…like when you dance…your brain starts to release endorphins which are pleasure chemicals and you begin to feel happier. So, turn up the tunes…and let’s dance!

16.  Cook.  Many people enjoy cooking and find it very relaxing and a way to unwind after a stressful day…and with good reason. Studies show that cooking is a great de-stresser because it serves as a creative outlet and it’s a way to nurture others…and taking care of others, especially those you love, always makes you feel good. 🙂

17.  Garden. Getting outside and planting flowers or herbs not only helps us to relax and let go after a busy day…but being out in nature and getting our hands in the soil actually releases those “happy” hormones. I like that! 🙂 Plus, don’t you just feel good when you observe what a beautiful garden you planted? So do some gardening…go outside and plant something.


tapping the healer within


18.  Tapping.  Tapping balances the body’s energy system, and allows you to eliminate most negative emotions or fears within minutes. Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is the sequential tapping procedure which provides a code to nature’s healing system.  Tapping is very powerful…get your free guide here.  Click here to find out more about tapping and how it works.

19.  Dream Build.   Go window shopping for those big things you desire and dream about.  It’s more powerful if you actually touch, smell and experience those things…take a picture of yourself sitting in your dream car or try on that nice Rolex watch you’ve always wanted.

20.  Appreciation.  I think this is one of the most important tips… spend two minutes every morning when you first wake up and every evening when you crawl into bed reciting out loud what you are appreciative of.  It can be the smallest of things such as being grateful for the warm bed you’re laying in or the warm meal you just ate.


We all need to get away and unwind for a while now and then.   So try these suggestions from Your Wish Is Your Command and you’ll feel better…they are the tried and true things that successful and wealthy people do on a regular basis…so why shouldn’t we?

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2 Responses to 20 Ways to Feel Better…and Change Your Physiology

  1. Brian and Felicia White

    What an awesome post with such helpful tips on how to feel better. We all have those days from time to time, and this can be a guide to help you breakthrough those nasty feelings and get back to being incredible and productive again. We love tapping too! Appreciate you sharing the value! You ROCK!

    • Ann Schierling

      Thanks for your comment, my friend! That’s so cool you guys like the tapping…I’ve done it a couple times, but have to admit I need to get more disciplined at it. Took me a while to get through the book. LOL. I appreciate you!! 🙂

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