How To Change Your Facebook Live Video Thumbnail Picture



how-to-change-video-thumbnail-pictureSo, you uploaded your video to Facebook…or you just finished a Facebook Live video…awesome, congratulations!

But now you notice that the thumbnail picture selected for you is…well, GOOFY looking…or you have your eyes closed.

How do you change it?  Very simple.


Watch my video below as I walk you through step-by-step so you can select a nicer looking thumbnail picture of yourself…at least one where your eyes are open and you’re smiling.


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Ann Schierling











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This Simple Mail Order Program Continues to Dominate…


Here’s the thing…if you can mail a simple flyer, you can start receiving $25 $50 $100 and $250 payments in the mail daily and weekly with this powerful and proven mail order program.  


The program is called The Millionaire Mailer.  When you join, you will receive your flyer and 100 peel-and-stick business opportunity labels in your Marketing Kit and all you do is mail out this flyer…and it won’t be long before you begin receiving payments in the mail on a regular basis (tip:  consistency will pay off).  


There are various levels that you can join at with $25 being the basic entry level and $1,000 being the top level.  Get in “where you fit in” and as you begin earning money, you can upgrade to a higher level later if you wish.


mail order program

Members have been enjoying fantastic success with this program for over 6 years now…and you can, too.


 This is a very easy and powerful direct mail order program and it is scaleable and 100%  duplicatable…and I love that there is also residual income built into this program. As your team members mail out their flyers, YOUR name will also be on their flyers and payments will be mailed to your new team member as well as you.   Residual income is true financial freedom and very powerful.  


It never gets old going to the mailbox…and opening up envelopes that have payments in them.  It’s actually pretty exciting…  🙂


Anyone can do this program…it’s very simple to do, doesn’t require any experience and is very profitable when you are consistent with your mailings.


Get started today…you will receive everything you need in your Marketing Kit.


The Millionaire Mailer is a great home income opportunity with real products and services…and has been going strong for over 6 years.  




Join us for the next LIVE Conference Call…and hear the details for yourself:



Dial: (641) 715-3865 – PIN: 280612#

Every Tuesday night at 9:00pm EST (6:00pm PST)



Listen to the Replay of this week’s live call:

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I’m a real person having real results…and I’ll help you get started, too.



CLICK HERE to select which level you would like to participate in…then print off the flyer and follow the “getting started” directions.  Once your payment is received by the company, you will receive your Marketing Kit…and you’ll be on your way to a successful home business.    


(Income Disclaimer:  No income is guaranteed here…however, if you put in the required effort and mail your flyers consistently, this program will work for you.  If you don’t do the work required, this program will not work for you.)


I wish you great success in 2017 and beyond,


What is TiDom?


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Creating Your Daily Method of Operation…CLICK HERE






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How People Are Making Mailbox Money From Home…The Millionaire Mailer Review.


Mail order businesses have been around for years and years…and there’s a lot of people making mailbox money from home in these types of businesses.


The Millionaire Mailer is a mail order business (that you can also promote online 😉 ) that has been around for over 6 years and members are receiving cashiers checks and cash in the mail every week.


Want to find out how you can, too?




  • No experience needed.

  • No monthly fees.

  • No qualifying.

  • No passups.

  • No admin fees.

  • Yes get your postage paid for you.

  • Yes residual income.

  • Yes simple program.



Did you know that millions have been made by people in mail order businesses over the years?  Now it’s your turn to be a part of this lucrative home-based industry.  Watch my video below and let’s get you started receiving mailbox money by next week.





Questions?  Call or text me today at (818) 921-0985…or visit my website HERE to get started now.



What is TiDom?


Questions?  Text me at (818) 921-0985.

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Learn how to make your email images CLICKABLE

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How To Stop Related YouTube Videos From Showing After Yours…




When you’re posting your video in your capture page or blog to promote your website, the last thing you want is to promote someone else’s website that is similar to yours…and have your prospect join someone else who is promoting the same business.


YouTube will show relevant videos at the end of yours that your prospects can click on and watch…such as your competitors…unless you do this simple thing to turn it off.


Watch my video below…



(You can also watch the video here on YouTube…CLICK HERE.)


Wasn’t that easy?   Now when people watch your video on your capture page or website, it won’t show your competitor’s videos…and they won’t be tempted to click on them and possibly join with someone else…they will most likely join YOU.



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To your video success,


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How to Get Your Website Found on Google…Video Tutorial

How to get your website found on Google








Learn how to get your website and blog posts and videos to appear on Google…with a few simple steps.


When people search for you on Google, does your site show up?


Watch my short video below to learn how to get your links, website, blog posts, videos…or anything site you have…seen on Google.




Wasn’t that easy?


You can go back to all your old posts and follow this simple procedure…and get more eyes on your sites today.



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To your success,

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What separates successful people from others?  Check this out…6 Characteristics of Successful People


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6 Characteristics of Successful People…

successful people


Why do some people seem to easily achieve success, while others just dream of having a better life? Are people born with some sort of “top achiever gene,” or can you learn to be a top achiever?


I believe that anyone can accomplish what they desire in life….and by learning what the characteristics of top achievers are…we can begin to change our thinking, the way we respond to things and start seeing success come easier.


It’s said that passion and perseverance may be more important to success than talent or intelligence. What do you think? I think that’s a very fair statement…and I believe top achievers know that you have to have passion in what you’re doing because it’s the fuel that keeps you going when challenges appear….and they will appear.   Successful people know that you must persevere no matter what set backs come along because that’s just part of the package.


Characteristics of Successful People…


One thing people just starting out in business need to understand…is  you need to let rejection roll off you like water off a duck’s back. We need to “toughen up” and not allow ourselves to be offended by what others think of us or of the opportunity we’re promoting…and we need to not take it personal when a prospect tells us no.   Read more about why “no” is a stepping stone to success.  This is just one of the characteristics of top achievers in any industry. They don’t allow anyone’s opinion to kick them off their path.


Here are a few people with indestructible personalities and who have characteristics of top achievers:




John Gresham, an American lawyer, politician, and author, best known for his popular legal thrillers…once wrote a novel “A Time To Kill” and was turned down 25 times in an attempt to get it published.

But he refused to give up and now this novel and countless others are best sellers and many have been made into movies.









Dr. Seuss was rejected 29 times with his attempt to get “The Cat in the Hat” published and barely made it on the 30th time.









J.K. Rowling wrote the popular “Harry Potter” novel, but was refused by the first 8 publishers. Finally the 9th publisher took a chance and published her book, although they warned her she would NEVER make a dime and should get used to it. Wow…it’s a good thing she didn’t listen to them, right? 😀




These amazing people are just a few of the top achievers out there who never gave up…never threw in the towel and refused to say “uncle” even when they probably felt like saying the hell with it!


There is only one difference between the underachiever and the achiever:  the underachiever quits…and the achiever completes.


6 Characteristics of Successful People:


1.   Indestructible personality:   They will not be crushed, stopped or denied and refuse to give up. They will keep pushing ahead no matter what.

2.   Unshakable belief:  In themselves and their abilities. They won’t allow dream stealers or naysayers to shake their belief in their goals and dreams.

3.   Unrelenting courage:  They refuse to quit and will never cower even when faced with setbacks and challenges. They have the guts to keep going because they believe in their dream.

4.   Daily Method of Operation:  They make a list of top priority income producing activities that must be done each day…and they do them before any other task.

5.   Possess a positive attitude:   No matter what challenges they may face, successful people always have a positive “I can do it” attitude.

6.   They are not lone wolves:  Successful people are involved in team support and give support to their team. Remember, when you give of yourself and your talents, you also receive and that is one great reason to be part of a support team.  Everyone wins!



If you feel you need a little push to find the motivation to do what successful people do to get the results you want in your business, you can either pay this little guy $1.00 for a swift kick…or just take action.


Haha!  Okay, all kidding aside, you probably don’t need a swift kick in the hiney…just take consistent action every day, read positive books and hang with people who will help you get the results you’re looking for.


You can do it! 🙂





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Have a great week!

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How To Make Your YouTube Video Autoplay In Your Capture Page


So, you started a home business and you have a capture page that you want to add your personal video to.  Cool.


First off, I believe you want to personalize your capture page (or landing page, squeeze page, etc.) with your own video so people can hear YOU talk and get a feel for who YOU are…before they look at your website.  And I think this is especially important when you have a company replicated website.  Your personal video will help YOU stand out from all the others.

how to make youtube videos autoplay








This “how to” video will show you how to embed your YouTube video into your capture page…AND I’ll show you how to fix the embed video link with a special super-duper code…so that your video will automatically play and your prospect won’t have to hit the “start” button.


It’s all about making your prospect’s journey of visiting your website as simple as possible, right?


Yep!  Okay, so here we go…


Watch the Video Below to learn “How To Make Your YouTube Video Autoplay In Your Capture Page…”




Put this code in AFTER the URL ?      autoplay=1;


Example of finished “autoplay” link:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”;rel=0&amp;controls=0&amp;showinfo=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Voila!  How easy was that?  Told you it was super simple.  😉



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To your success,

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