How to Get Faster Wifi Speed for Facebook Live Videos



Facebook encourages its users to do Facebook Live videos…


…but what do you do if you have a poor wifi connection and your videos are blurry, poor quality sound…and you keep getting dropped?


Trust me, I know.  I’ve been trying to do FB Live videos for quite some time now, but my wifi upload speed was always too low and I wasn’t even getting 1 megabit per second speed so my videos were very blurry and often dropped off.  I tried this “free” fix on my video below…and as you can see it came out 720p HD.  Yay!


Be sure to go to from your mobile device and check out your “upload” speed to see if you’re getting the recommended speed before going live.  Your upload speed needs to be a minimum of 2 megabits per second before going LIVE so that you have decent connection…naturally, 4 megabits per second is even better.


Watch my video for a super simple and FREE solution that will help you get a good wifi connection…so you can do LIVE vids on Facebook and share value with your audience.



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To your Facebook Live Video Success!




8 Tips To Rock Your Facebook LIVE videos…CLICK HERE

(this is how my LIVES used to look before using this new trick!)


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4 Easy Ways to Start a Home Business…When You Have No Money


Looking to start a home business…but you are short on funds and don’t know where to begin?


In this video, I will share with you 4 easy ways you come up with the funds and start a home business.  


There are so many ways you can raise capital for a business…just be creative.  One way is to sell something you have laying around in the garage, in the closet or in a storage unit.  That’s just ONE idea that works.


If you have some other creative ideas, please feel free to share them below…and if this video helped you, please share it with others.


To your massive success in 2018 and beyond!

Ann Schierling










8 Tips That Will Help You Rock Facebook Lives…

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8 Tips That Will Help You Rock Facebook Lives…


Have you noticed how there are more and more live videos in your Facebook newsfeed lately?  Everyone is doing live video these days, especially people involved in network marketing and MLM because they know the power of doing live video and the exposure they are getting to their business, product and their websites.

Mark Zuckerberg says that by the year 2020…90% of the content on Facebook will be…yes, you guessed it…LIVE videos.

So below are a few tips that you can use to make your lives better…

8 simple tips that will help you ROCK Facebook live videos…












Watch my video…

Compelling and Interest-Grabbing Title:  You want to have a compelling and interest-grabbing title on your video before you go live.   Why?  Because your title is what is going to grab your viewer’s attention and have them watch your video.  So make it grab their attention.  Your title can say something like “3 Ways To Get More Sales”  or “7 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook”  or “8 Things You Should Never Eat After Midnight.”   You can always edit your title later.

The Hook:  You want to “hook” viewers and reel them in to watch your live video when you first begin.  Once you start your video, you have about 10-12 seconds to grab their attention (to hook them), otherwise they will be gone and off scrolling the Newsfeed to look at other posts and videos.   Your hook can be something like saying “hello everybody…in this video I am going to be sharing how you can get more sales in your business by doing 3 simple things.  But first, I want to say hi to everyone jumping on…and welcome you, etc.”    Don’t worry if you don’t have any live viewers at this point, especially if you’re just starting out doing live vids…your audience will grow over time if you’re giving value…and you will also get more eyeballs on the replay of your video.

Introduction/Establish Authority:  You want to introduce yourself and establish authority about yourself.  No worries…you don’t have to be an internet marketing guru…just be you.  You can say something like:   “In this video, I’ll be discussing one of the top mistakes I see new internet marketers make online…but first, I want to introduce myself.  My name is Bob Smith and I am an online marketer and I own a business that helps people create awesome blogs.”

Encourage engagement:  You want to talk with your audience and encourage engagement….why?  because Facebook likes engagement and the more you engage your live audience the more “reach” Facebook will give your video.  Ask them anything…click the like button or type in the comment section what state they live in.  Be creative…just keep it simple.

Call to comment (or C.O.C.):  Invite people to leave comments…again, Facebook wants to see interaction.  Ask your audience if they can relate to the topic you’re discussing…tell them to put a #1 in the comment section if they are getting value, etc.  The longer your live video is, the more questions you want to ask, but don’t overdo it.  If your video is 10 minutes long, 5 questions is enough.

The Content:   You are there to share your content with your audience…but it’s also important to greet people and acknowledge they joined your video.  Say hi to them…but do this only at the beginning and the end of your video.  You want to keep the content flowing and not have interruptions where you’re saying hi every time someone pops on.    Also, make sure your content matches the title and adds value to those you are sharing it with.

Your Call to Action:  You need to go into your video know what your “call to action” is going to be.  At the end of each video give your audience a call to action.  Something like “if you would like a copy of the book I reviewed in this video, type “book” in the comment section and I will message you the link.”  You always want to be building your brand.

Q & A: You can do a question and answer segment at the end of your video to give your viewers an opportunity to ask you something relative to what you shared in your video.  Don’t worry about doing a Q&A if you don’t have any “live” viewers…but you can still say “If you have any questions or comments about what I shared today, type your question in the comment section below, and I will answer them later.”

If you got value from these tips, please feel free to share with others.

To your video success!


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Find out how we earn large commissions from home…without ever having to talk to anyone.  

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Does Postcard Marketing Really Work?


Postcards are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use to generate website traffic or sales leads.   Postcards are not new – and they may not be very exciting, but they really do work.

Interesting how things are changing in the home-based business arena which for many years has been predominately online marketing.


I got involved 20 years ago, before the internet…and the only way I knew how to market my business was to do it offline.


That meant running display ads in my local newspaper, printing flyers and putting them on cars all over town with my team, mailing postcards, slapping a magnetic sign on my car…and yes, even wearing a button on my clothes every day that prompted people to ask me what I did.


Then things shifted as the internet showed up on the scene…marketing offline was considered “old school” and people were tired of it and wanted something new.  So, for years the popular mode of marketing our business has been online.  That took some time and skill for us all to learn…and things continue to change which requires us to continue learning and growing and buying more online tools, making changes, etc.  It can feel overwhelming sometimes as the learning never seems to stop, don’t you agree?


Well, things are now reverting back to “old school” and people are embracing it as if it’s something new and exciting.


“What was once old…is new again.”


A top tier business that I aligned myself with, Big Profit System,  has revolutionized the top tier direct sales industry with their postcard mailing system…completely “old school” and works brilliantly.  Simply order your done-for-you postcards from your BPS back office and they will be printed and customized for you…and the mailing house mails them out on your behalf using high quality, responsive buyers lists.


When your prospect gets their postcard in the mail, they will contact BPS and your Success Coach will call them back and answer all their questions and follow up with them via text message and email…and help them make an informed decision whether BPS is for them or not.  If it is, your Success Coach will close the sale for you…and you will receive an email notification that a sale has been made and a Cashiers Check for your commission will be mailed to you.


The postcards work great…a lot of thought went into the wording, the color and the message and people are prompted to take a look.


The postcards are a GREAT example of how effective “offline” marketing is.  Here is a sample of what the postcards look like.  They are customized with YOUR website and YOUR Referral ID #.





Is Big Profit System and their Postcard System Better Than MLM?

In Big Profit System…their logo is “We Make The Sales, You Get Paid” and it is absolutely true.  Unlike other businesses who promise to close your sales for you…and fall short of the mark…the Success Coaches at BPS really DO what they promise. They call your prospects back, follow up with them, answer all their questions and close the sale for YOU…and you get paid.
100% true.
When many people that have had experience in traditional MLM’s are first exposed to Top Tier Direct Sales and Big Profit System, they are instantly attracted. It’s as if the blindfold has been lifted and they are absolutely shocked that there is really a faster, easier, more profitable way to earn big money from home than the traditional MLM where you have to recruit an army of people…and receive a small check.

Get the Scoop Here…24-Hour Info Line – (618) 355-1122

I love MLM…and have been involved for many years, but I have to admit I love top tier direct sales so much more…because of how we get paid. We get paid BIG commission checks paid to us directly from our members…and with BPS we don’t have to be a recruiting whiz.  It’s a level playing field for everyone regardless of your previous skill set.  If you suck at recruiting…if you hate calling people and trying to close the deal…BPS is for you cuz you NEVER have to do that.
And Big Profit Systems just put the CHERRY on the sundae, because they have put together a very powerful automated system that works for everyone every time…when you follow the system.
Big Profit System launched quietly in December 2016 and immediately attracted a pretty large following of forward-thinking, experienced Top Tier marketers…and now many “average” marketers are joining daily and generating an income from home.
Big Profit System was started by 3 super sharp, super high integrity Top Tier Direct Sales entrepreneurs who all have experience in Big Ticket Direct Sales programs for over 10 years. Before becoming program owners, they were massively successful marketers in their own right, each earning as much as $50,000 per month in their own businesses.
They know what they are doing, they know how to create a powerful program that works…and they know that people want success…without having to get on the phone and close people.

BPS Products:

The products are top notch digital educational information that will help you in all areas of your life…such as personal development, Law of Attraction, marketing and sales techniques for Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope, YouTube, how to create massive lead generation…and so much more.  

CLICK HERE to see the products.

I did my due diligence before adding Big Profit System to my portolio…and decided it was a perfect fit for me because it’s a truly PASSIVE income stream model that allows me to generate large commission checks.  My Success Coach closes the sales for me (and will for YOU, too)…and it allows me the time freedom to work my other top tier opportunity which I’ve been having success with for the past 1-1/2 years.
Everyone loves passive income…and I can’t think of a better source than Big Profit System….and using their postcard mailing system.   It truly does deliver what it promises.  
You can get started with BPS today and start seeing tangible results in a very short period of time…but you have to get started.  Don’t “wait and see”IF others are getting results (we are)…just get started today, and let your Success Coach start closing sales for YOU.



Click the link below and learn more info about Big Profit System…

and how they will close your sales for you with their postcard program.


To your success,
Questions?  TEXT me (818) 921-0985
Ann Schierling











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Video Review on Big Profit System GO HERE

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Big Profit System Review






Big Profit System is taking the internet space by storm!

With Big Profit System, everybody earns and nobody gets left behind.  Why?  Because all you do is order your postcards…and the BPS warehouse will mail your postcards for you…and your Success Coach does ALL the calling and closing your sales for you!


  • YOU never talk to anyone.
  • YOU never explain the program to anyone.
  • YOU never call your leads back.
  • YOUR Success Coach does ALL that for you.
  • Now, that is true PASSIVE income.


Big Profit System compensation plan will help to change the way you do business.  Big Profit System offers 50% commissions, on all product packages…and your 50% commission is large.


Watch my review of Big Profit System below…and see

why marketers are joining and earning large commissions faster than most other programs.



One of the things I love about this program is that is built on ethics, so all the BPS affiliates are comfortable working and building this program together in this community.


You can get started with BPS today and start seeing tangible results in a very short period of time…but you have to get started.  Don’t wait and see IF others are getting results (we are)…just get started today, and let your Success Coach start closing sales for YOU.


Click the link below and learn more info about Big Profit System…

and how you can be a part of the Big Profit System team today.














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Click here to see…How to create clickable images in your emails

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How To Change Your Facebook Live Video Thumbnail Picture



how-to-change-video-thumbnail-pictureSo, you uploaded your video to Facebook…or you just finished a Facebook Live video…awesome, congratulations!

But now you notice that the thumbnail picture selected for you is…well, GOOFY looking…or you have your eyes closed.

How do you change it?  Very simple.


Watch my video below as I walk you through step-by-step so you can select a nicer looking thumbnail picture of yourself…at least one where your eyes are open and you’re smiling.


If you got value from this video, please like and share.


To your video success,

Ann Schierling











How to stop other videos from playing after yours CLICK HERE

See how we earn $250 – $1,000 commissions from home GO HERE


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This Simple Mail Order Program Continues to Dominate…


Here’s the thing…if you can mail a simple flyer, you can start receiving $25 $50 $100 and $250 payments in the mail daily and weekly with this powerful and proven mail order program.  


The program is called The Millionaire Mailer.  When you join, you will receive your flyer and 100 peel-and-stick business opportunity labels in your Marketing Kit and all you do is mail out this flyer…and it won’t be long before you begin receiving payments in the mail on a regular basis (tip:  consistency will pay off).  


There are various levels that you can join at with $25 being the basic entry level and $1,000 being the top level.  Get in “where you fit in” and as you begin earning money, you can upgrade to a higher level later if you wish.


mail order program

Members have been enjoying fantastic success with this program for over 6 years now…and you can, too.


 This is a very easy and powerful direct mail order program and it is scaleable and 100%  duplicatable…and I love that there is also residual income built into this program. As your team members mail out their flyers, YOUR name will also be on their flyers and payments will be mailed to your new team member as well as you.   Residual income is true financial freedom and very powerful.  


It never gets old going to the mailbox…and opening up envelopes that have payments in them.  It’s actually pretty exciting…  🙂


Anyone can do this program…it’s very simple to do, doesn’t require any experience and is very profitable when you are consistent with your mailings.


Get started today…you will receive everything you need in your Marketing Kit.


The Millionaire Mailer is a great home income opportunity with real products and services…and has been going strong for over 6 years.  




Join us for the next LIVE Conference Call…and hear the details for yourself:



Dial: (641) 715-3865 – PIN: 280612#

Every Tuesday night at 9:00pm EST (6:00pm PST)



Listen to the Replay of this week’s live call:

Dial (641) 715-3868 – PIN:  280612#



I’m a real person having real results…and I’ll help you get started, too.



CLICK HERE to select which level you would like to participate in…then print off the flyer and follow the “getting started” directions.  Once your payment is received by the company, you will receive your Marketing Kit…and you’ll be on your way to a successful home business.    


(Income Disclaimer:  No income is guaranteed here…however, if you put in the required effort and mail your flyers consistently, this program will work for you.  If you don’t do the work required, this program will not work for you.)


I wish you great success in 2017 and beyond,


What is TiDom?


Questions?  Text me at (818) 921-0985.

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Creating Your Daily Method of Operation…CLICK HERE






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How People Are Making Mailbox Money From Home…The Millionaire Mailer Review.


Mail order businesses have been around for years and years…and there’s a lot of people making mailbox money from home in these types of businesses.


The Millionaire Mailer is a mail order business (that you can also promote online 😉 ) that has been around for over 6 years and members are receiving cashiers checks and cash in the mail every week.


Want to find out how you can, too?




  • No experience needed.

  • No monthly fees.

  • No qualifying.

  • No passups.

  • No admin fees.

  • Yes get your postage paid for you.

  • Yes residual income.

  • Yes simple program.



Did you know that millions have been made by people in mail order businesses over the years?  Now it’s your turn to be a part of this lucrative home-based industry.  Watch my video below and let’s get you started receiving mailbox money by next week.





Questions?  Call or text me today at (818) 921-0985…or visit my website HERE to get started now.



What is TiDom?


Questions?  Text me at (818) 921-0985.

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Learn how to make your email images CLICKABLE

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